NORAD Santa Tracker LIVE: Santa Tracker is DOWN!
24th December 2022

NORAD Santa Tracker LIVE: Santa Tracker is DOWN! Fans can’t follow Father Christmas as he flies around the world as tracking technology goes on the blink

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Some parents are beginning to panic about how their children will feel when they are unable to track Santa in real time on Norad.

Don’t worry as other trackers are available. As soon as Norad gets back online, we’ll let you know.

the NORAD santa tracker website has crashed and i have no clue how i’m going to explain this to the kiddos when they wake back up for the day.

This is me when the NORAD Santa Tracker doesn't start

Urup in the Kuril Islands is next on Santa’s list as he heads north from Micronesia.

Things are all looking smooth for him so far, even if the Norad tracker is still not working!

Santa Claus is set to arrive in the UK in around 14 hours, according to our eyes and ears in the North Pole.

So there’s a while to go yet to wait – but plenty of time to build up excitement as the big day draws closer and closer.

At the moment, Santa is on his way to deliver presents to children in the Soloman Islands, to the northeast of Cairns, Australia.

According to Google’s Santa tracker, Father Christmas has already begun his journey across the world.

He has visited New Zealand and Fiji, and will soon be moving on to Australia.

We’re pleased to report that Santa is on the way, despite the technical issues. Other Santa trackers place him as approaching Luganville, Vanuatu in the next minute.

He’s currently to the east of Australia, just out to sea from Brisbane.

It’s not quite clear why the Santa tracker has crashed. It could be due to the amount of people trying to use the site, or related to the ferocious storm which has hit the US overnight.

Blizzard conditions have been seen across much of the country, causing power outages, crashes and long delays to travel.

As the Norad tracker relies on US satellites, there’s a chance damage to communications lines on US soil may be delaying engineers desperately working to reconnect Father Christmas with his fans.

Oh no! The trusty Norad Santa tracker has crashed as technology goes on the blink. We’re not sure what this means for Father Christmas, but hopefully it’s a technical error only and he’s still out there delivering presents.

We’ll bring you more as soon as we get it.

Where is Father Christmas?

MailOnline will be tracking Santa’s exact location using the Norad tracker, which has been helping excited children count down to Christmas since 1955.

Find out more here: 

Good morning, and welcome to our LIVE Santa tracker for 2022!

Follow his mammoth journey from the beginning as he begins his deliveries to all the children in Australia and New Zealand, before he moves closer and closer to the UK towards this evening.

We’ll bring you all the latest updates as soon as we get them from the North Pole.

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