Mysterious sighting on motorway said to be of Grace Millane
8th December 2018

A woman is claimed to have given Brit Grace Millane a lift along a motorway days after she was reported missing.

The 22-year-old was hitchhiking in New Zealand on Tuesday and, according to reports, helped in her direction by a woman whom didn’t know she was missing.

A poignant Facebook post in an open group for residents of Auckland reads: "I just seen this post tonight.

"’This is the girl I picked up off the motorway on Tuesday afternoon whom I gave a lift aswell as I tried to give advice to and a lecture about how dangerous it is to hitchhike because she wanted to keep hitchhiking, and I told her how important her life is aswell as how important she is to her family and those who love and care about her.

"’At that time I didnt know she was missing cause I only found out tonight..

"’I was just worried that she wouldn’t have been ok if I didnt pick her up.

"’I have spoken to the police tonight and given them all that I know.’"

Others have pleaded for the woman to come forward with more information.

"Where did you pick her up and where did you drop her off," asked one Facebook user.

And Grace’s grief-stricken brother Declan Millane posted: "Please message me with all the details you have are you positive it was my sister I beg you please."

The comment has been shared widely by concerned residents in Auckland and beyond.

Grace, from Billericay, Essex, arrived in Auckland on Saturday as part of a round-the-world trip.

Police revealed she was last seen at her hotel with "a male companion."

The graduate’s dad made an emotional plea for her return at a press conference.

Fighting back the tears, David Millane, 60, said: "Grace has been missing for seven days.

"As a family, we have been extremely concerned for her welfare.

"Grace is a lovely, outgoing, fun-loving, family-orientated daughter."

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