Mushroom chef's Facebook messages leak
4th September 2023

Mushroom chef’s Facebook messages leak: Erin Patterson rips into her husband Simon and shares a scathing verdict about locals in her small town of Korumburra as details emerge about her career for the first time

  • Four people were poisoned during lunch
  • Erin Patterson is a person of interest
  • A ‘friend’ has spilled the beans on her 
  • Read: Simon Patterson pays tribute to parents  

Fatal mushroom chef Erin Patterson lashed out at her local community while putting together the local newsletter, an insider has revealed. 

Erin branded contributors to Korumburra newsletter The Burra Flyer ‘illiterate motherf**kers’ during a rant to an old friend. 

A person claiming to be a former friend of the 46-year old spilled the beans on the Leongatha stay-at-home mum on a true crime online forum.

Images of a young Erin Patterson have emerged online 

A post allegedly written by Erin Patterson has been shared shared online by a former friend 

Erin Patterson has been described as a ‘genius’ who previously worked as an accountant 

Erin and her then husband Simon had put together the 48-page booklet of advertorials and promotions of the regional Victorian community for years after taking it over from Simon’s parents – and messages show she did not think highly of some of the contributors. 

In another message, Erin seemingly took aim at Simon himself, attacking the engineer for failing to do enough housework. 

‘My husband has no idea we have a cleaner come. I love it,’ Erin allegedly posted while the couple were still together. 

‘Now I don’t resent the fact that he never helps me with anything because I’m not doing the big jobs either… now all I have to resent him over are the nightly dishes.’ 

Pastor Ian Wilkinson was the only one of four guests to survive the poisonous beef wellington dished up on July 29 by Erin at her home in Victoria’s east.

Mr Wilkinson, his wife Heather and her sister Gail and husband Don Patterson were invited over for lunch as part of a ‘mediation’ gathering to discuss Erin’s relationship with her estranged husband Simon, who pulled out at the last minute.

Erin has denied any wrongdoing and Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting she intentionally poisoned her four relatives. 

A young Erin Patterson after the birth of her child 

Erin Patterson lashed out at her husband Simon while the pair were still together 

An anonymous person claiming to be a friend of Erin hit the forum last weekend in a thread that received more than 200 posts before it was closed by administrators.

The poster claimed Erin had previously worked as an accountant and with the Department of Defence. 

‘She’s meticulous and very smart,’ the person stated. ‘Her whole family are extremely smart people.’

The former friend posted several messages they had saved from the true crime group before Erin deactivated her account in August.

Don and Gail Patterson died after having lunch with Erin Patterson 

Heather and Ian Wilkinson. Heather did not survive the lunch 

The so-called ‘ex-friend’ claimed to have met Erin online through the true crime group. 

She shared two photos of Erin after the birth of one of her children. 

‘I think she was also into a lot of crime fiction. Like Agatha Christie,’ the person claimed. 

Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting Ms Patterson had sinister motives or was inspired by true crime. 

Indeed, it is one of the most popular categories of podcasts in Australia. 

Erin was also passionate about Lego, it was claimed. 

‘She was also an obsessive reader. She had tonnes of books. She’s very smart and very well read,’ members of the private group were told. 

The person claimed she had only ever engaged with Erin online, with a planned dinner never going ahead. 

‘We had a very tight group. It was more intimate than normal due to our shared fascination with crime,’ the person wrote. 

‘We thought we knew her deeply but we are now discovering that a lot of her life was very secretive … EP didn’t have any other friends than this close circle groups. 

‘You have to imagine the most extreme introvert you have ever met. That is EP. Reclusive. Only online friends.’

Simon Patterson during Thursday’s memorial for his parents 

Erin Patterson has been described as having a keen interest in true crime 

Erin Patterson has avoided the media since early last month 

The former friend claimed Erin had told them her estranged husband had once fallen ill from clostridium difficile infection – a germ usually spread from one’s hands. 

Simon himself spent 21 days in intensive care after collapsing from the mystery stomach illness at his home in May 2022.

Throughout his stay in hospital, Erin kept his worried friends updated about his condition on social media.

The friend disputed previous reports Erin had been keen to get back together with her deeply religious husband, claiming she had initiated the split. 

‘She’s an atheist as far as I know … She was very unhappy in her marriage and felt like a single parent. At the time I thought it was normal ‘my husband isn’t pulling his weight ‘ type commentary,’ the friend stated. 

‘We didn’t hear much about Simon other than he was never at home. Never helping her. She was very closed about this … She left him. She didn’t want to get back with him. ‘

The friend answered numerous questions from members, including her thoughts on Erin’s cooking. 

‘She shared a few cooking photos with us in the group. Pad Thai. Etc. Honestly (not being mean) but it never looked super appetising. If I was to guess, I would say she was a mediocre cook,’ the person claimed. 

Simon paid tribute to his parents before up to 450 mourners who gathered at the Korumburra Recreation Centre on Thursday.

It was the first time he had addressed the shocking incident that claimed the lives of his loved ones.

He recalled his mother Gail’s final text before she lapsed into a coma of which she would not wake.

Simon described his parents as both being pacifists, with her text ring tone sounding out on his phone to the tune of Edwin Starr’s ‘War’.

‘It was no fluke that mum’s final text message in our family group chat, as she lay in Dandenong Hospital, was ‘Lots of love to you all’,’ he said.

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