Moment naked man dances on a patrol car in front of cops in Hollywood
20th June 2022

Bizarre moment naked man dances on a patrol car in front of baffled cops along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame before being arrested for vandalism

  • A video captures the moment a naked man started dancing on top of a police car 
  • The footage shows Benny Martinez, 38, ignoring requests by police to get down
  • The incident took place around 7am on Friday by Hollywood Boulevard, LA

A man was filmed dancing naked on top of a police car by Hollywood’s iconic Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, at just 7am on Friday morning.

The 38-year-old man climbed atop the cruiser near the intersection and ignored request by the police to get down, instead choosing to dance.

Four officers can be seen surrounding the car as Benny Martinez proceeds to stamp his feet while shouting profanities followed by: ‘Do you hear me?’

He wiggles around – despite there being no music playing – before a police officer slams the vehicle’s door shut with his foot.

Officers called for backup in getting him off the car after he started vandalizing it, as he eventually kicked out the car’s back window. 

Martinez, was eventually taken into custody and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle.

Several policemen were left baffled as a naked man danced on top of their patrol car by Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Friday

The LAPD said the officers used ‘de-escalation techniques’ to get Benny Martinez down from the roof of the car before arresting him

One police officer decided to close the passenger-side door while Martinez was dancing about on top

The clip was originally uploaded to Instagram by Travis Canby, who captioned the post: ‘Woke up to this Zombie doing the helicopter on top of a police car,’ along with the time ‘7:14AM’ attached over the video.

The LAPD said in a statement: ‘Officers continued to use de-escalation techniques and the suspect eventually climbed down and was taken into custody without incident or use of force.

‘Officers attempted to roll down the window to prevent damage. As the window was being rolled down, the suspect kicked it causing it to shatter.’

Martinez was taken to the department’s Hollywood station and cited for misdemeanor vandalism and was later released.

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