Moment McDonald's worker hurls Covid plastic screen at customer in furious fast food row
19th October 2020

THIS is the moment a McDonald's worker hurls a coronavirus protective screen at a customer in a furious row.

The shocking scenes start as a customer and a worker at the till are in a heated row at the counter.

It is unclear what they are arguing over before it comes to blows and the customer – who is not wearing a face mask – throws plastic straws at the worker's face.

The worker – who is wearing a mask – then chucks the box of straws were in at the customer before hurling the protective plastic screen at him.

The worker can be heard screaming "get out" at the customer as he starts to walk away.

A bystander appears to get involved as they try to talk to the customer.

The customer then goes back to the counter and picks up the box of napkins.

The blazing row is understood to have happened at McDonald's in Penge, South East London on Friday.

The video has been viewed more than 38,000 times.

The Sun Online contacted McDonald's and the Met Police for a statement.

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