Moment furious grandma calls for Gatwick drone idiot to be HANGED in angry rant
22nd December 2018

Three days of disruption has seen hundreds of flights grounded, leaving hordes of livid passengers stranded at the airport in the run up to Christmas.

And as tension in the terminals rose on the third day of delays at Britain's second busiest airport, one elderly woman took the opportunity to call for the return of capital punishment.

Jackie Palmer, whose Christmas holiday to Lapland was ruined by the drones, told ITV news: "A whole year we booked this up.

"A surprise Christmas for all the grandchildren and this has happened, yeah.

"I think it's disgusting and if they ever catch the people they need hanging."

Jackie was one of many who were left bitterly disappointed when her Christmas adventure was axed by the travel chaos.

The culprit is still on the run from cops and even the Army, with soldiers being called in to help bring down the drones yesterday.

Thousands of passengers will face more misery today as the delays are set to continue.

Flyers have been told to check with their airlines for updates before heading out with a further 682 flights at risk of being delayed or cancelled today.

Cops say they are refusing to rule out that the Gatwick chaos was caused by an environmental group.

Sussex Police assistant chief constable Steve Barry said: "It's certainly something that we would consider.

"Yes, I would agree that's a possibility."


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