Mom-of 15 shares family budget tips – and says 'I cut all my kids hair' & 'we very seldom buy anything new'
25th February 2021

A MOM-of 15 shared her family budgeting tips to support a big family.

The busy mom said she cuts "all my kids hair' and "we very seldom buy anything new" as she revealed her money-saving tips.

The budget tips were shared by Nancy, who runs the YouTube channel Real Mom Real Solutions.

In her first tip, she said both she and her husband have both full-time income nearly the entire time they've been married.

Although their jobs have changed over the years – as she herself has worked as a teacher, a personal assistant, and a daycare provider – she said the couple is always making money.

She then revealed the family worked their way up to their dream home – from a two-bedroom apartment to a 2,000-square foot home, to their dream home.

"We waited 21 years to get our dream home," she revealed.

"Had we tried to buy this home earlier on, it definitely would have broke us," she acknowledged.

The mom-of-15 then said that her family always buys used cars.

"We've never owned a new vehicle," Nancy said.

"We did this to avoid the hyper-depreciation on the vehicles," she added, noting how new cars often lose value quickly.

She added that the family buys lots of things used to help save money – including furniture and appliances.

"We very seldom buy anything new," she said.

"Almost every piece of furniture in our house we purchased used," she added.

She showed off multiple items in her home she scored for far less than the retail value – many which she got from the site KSL.

Among the items she scored a deal on were a $5,000 bedroom set she found for $1,400; a crib for $50; and a dresser set she converted to a changing table pad and stained to match the rest of her furniture for $20.

She said the only thing the family bought new was a couch – because they wanted something big enough for all 17 people.

When their refrigerator broke, rather than buying new, Nancy revealed they purchased a used one for around $650.

She said she also teaches her kids to stick to a budget as they teach them to find deals.

"For our kids' birthdays and Christmas then, we have a budget for each of them," Nancy said.

She said the budgets range by their age – around $50 per person if they're ages newborn to seven, $75 if they're ages eight to twelve, and so forth.

Nancy said the kids will look online or at ads for items on their wishlist – and find deals.

Sometimes her kids will find items for a steal at pawn shops or KSL, and they'll be able to stretch budgets farther.

"It teaches the kids to be thrifty and also teaches them to appreciate the things they have," the mom said.

Nancy said her family also works to save money around the home – by doing things like replacing furnace filters and covering windows with plastic to insulate it and save money on bills.

The mom added that her family doesn't eat out at restaurants "excessively."

"My husband packs a lunch every single day for work," she said, adding that if the couple goes out to dinner they'll often split a meal as portions are often oversized anyways.

She also said the family takes advantage of free activities – and will rarely will go to the movies with all the kids – unless it's a special occasion.

In another money-saving hack, the mom-of-15 said her family does lots of DIY projects and repairs around the home.

Before-and-after pictures show the space completely transformed, as it went from concrete and dirty to a luxe outdoor space with a firepit.

"I cut all my kids' hair – boys and girls," she said.

She added: "Anything we can possibly do ourselves, we do ourselves."

Among the DIY projects is a patio that the family built at their home – with help from all the kids.

She also encouraged people to keep up on repairs around the home before items need to be completely replaced.

In her last tip, she advised: "Make a budget and stick to it."

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