Miss Universe contestant's botched skin job left her looking like an ACID ATTACK victim
5th December 2018

Andrea Diaz, 27, who was born in Venezuela but will represent Chile in the upcoming contest this month, said she had signed up for the routine treatment involving a carbon dioxide laser used to resurface skin.

When done correctly it can improve people's skin texture and tone, reducing wrinkles and sun damage, and leaving one's skin looking youthful and healthy.

But in her case it went horrifically wrong, leaving her with what she described as burn marks over her left cheek that need to be covered with a bandage.

She posted images of the botched procedure in advance of the contest which takes place in ten days saying: "A bad aesthetic procedure ruined my face.

"I went for a routine thing and I came back home devastated, with my face burned with acid. Of course all my dreams collapsed."

She said she feared losing her boyfriend, her job, and her fashion career and an end to her Miss Universe dream.

She added: "What country would like to send a girl with a burned face? Like all of you, I thought the answer was 'none'. I lived hidden for almost a year and a half, and I hope you can put yourselves in my shoes. It is something I don’t wish on anybody, it is ugly, painful and affects your mood more than you would believe."

The Chilean beauty went on to say she then realised not everything was "darkness" and she once again started trying to live her dream, and as a result began receiving job offers before going back to modelling.

She added: "Now I am more sure than ever I have to give a hand to the country which gave me joy back and that made me understand that Chilean girls fight. And in the face of adversity, we keep our heads up and keep moving on, for us, for our families, for our country."

Diaz is currently in Thailand with the Miss Universe contestants preparing to take part in the pageant which will be held on 16th December.

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