Michael Jackson forced kids to stare at Peter Pan figure while molesting them from behind, claims sex accuser Wade Robson
5th March 2019

Wade Robson told the shocking 'Leaving Neverland' documentary how Jacko kept the eerie full-sized replica of the Disney character next to his bed.

The Aussie, who claims he was just seven when first abused by Jacko, said: "He had me bend over on my knees…I was kind of on display.

"Right in front of me there was this Peter Pan cutout. So I was either looking back at him masturbating or looking forward at Peter Pan.

"Then we'd get up in the morning like nothing happened."

Jackson was notoriously obsessed with Peter Pan and once begged to play the 'boy who never grew up' on the London stage.

When cops raided Neverland in 2003, they were left shocked by the pop star's bizarre collection of dolls.

The life-size childlike mannequins were scattered in rooms throughout his massive Neverland Ranch in California.

However, Robson said when he was first invited to Neverland by his hero he was living the dream.

Right in front of me there was this Peter Pan cutout. So I was either looking back at him masturbating or looking forward at Peter Pan

He said: "We were all tripping out on this place…it was just out of a storybook…out of a fairytale. It felt like travelling to another planet.

"He says you can stay in the guest quarters with your parents or if you want you can stay with me in my room and I was like 'I want to stay with Michael.'

"I had met him four hours ago, but it felt like we knew him. He had been in my living room every day in my ears via his music and posters. I'd known him, I thought.

"For some reason it didn't feel strange to let me a seven year old and my sister a 10 year old sleep in this man's bedroom."

However, things quickly turned sinister…although wannabe child star Robson did not realise it at the time.

"The first day at Neverland (without my parents) was Michael making physical contact with me. His hand on my thigh, hugs…it felt great.

"Out of all the kids in the world he chose me to be his friend.

"Within the context of what was going on it seemed normal. The days were filled with playing tag, watching movies, he taught me how to do the Moonwalk….this contrast began between the day and night.

"We were going to sleep in his bed. The first thing I remember was Michael moving his hands across my legs. And then his hands got to my crotch area and he was fondling there – I was seven years old.

"There was nothing aggressive about…it just didn't seem that strange."

In February the Jackson estate launched a lawsuit against broadcasting company HBO for £77million over Leaving Neverland.

They claim the documentary is in violation of a non-disparagement clause from a previous contract to televise a concert from Jackson’s Dangerous tour in 1992.

The clause including wording that said HBO would “not make any disparaging remarks” about the King of Pop.

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