Meghan Markle's dad Thomas brands daughter a 'control freak' … but insists she never used to be rude
9th December 2018

Thomas Markle, estranged from the Duchess of Sussex, has revealed she was "always demanding" but says he is confused by recent reports of her difficult behaviour.

The claims from Meghan's father come as reports suggest there is tension between herself and Kate Middleton, as a number of aides leave their posts over rumours she is hard to work for.

The 74-year-old told the Mail on Sunday: "The Meghan I know was always sweet, kind, generous.

"She was always demanding but never rude. I no longer recognise this person."

In a series of claims he said guests at her first wedding were given party bags with marijuana in them.

Thomas also insisted that he did attend see her marry TV producer Trevor Engelson in Jamaica in 2011.

In the interview Thomas said that his daughter had "planned everything down to the tiniest detail" about the wedding.

Speaking about the drug being a feature of the party bags guests were given, he said he didn't use it and added he didn't believe Meghan did either.

Trevor and Meghan tied the knot on September 10, 2011, at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

The wedding was a four-day affair and pictures have since shown drinking games on the beach in the run-up to the big day.

The ceremony took place in front of 102 guests.

One guest previously said: “The ceremony was over very quickly, in about 15 minutes. Then everyone hit the dance floor. It seemed they all just wanted to party.”

'IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES': How Meghan's first marriage sadly fell apart

Meghan and Trevor separated just two years after their wedding and were divorced in August 2013, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

A source claimed to Woman’s Day magazine that Meghan's role as Rachel Zane on hit TV show Suits was to blame.

The insider said: "Meghan landed her role in Suits just a few months before they married.

"And despite being together for six years before getting hitched, things started to fall apart not long after the wedding."

However, in a new book by biographer Andrew Morton it is suggested Meghan split with Trevor "out of the blue."

In 'Meghan, A Hollywood Princess', it is suggested the split came as a shock to Trevor and that Meghan posted her wedding and engagement rings back to him as a sign the marriage was over.

Morton writes: “Whether she wanted to admit it to herself or not, Meghan, who once said she couldn’t imagine life without Trevor by her side, was now building a new world for herself.

"As Toronto was becoming more her home than LA, the dynamics in their relationship subtly altered.

"She was her own woman now, earning a steady income, making new friends on set and off, no longer dependent on her husband’s connections."

Trevor began his career in the film industry as a production assistant, before working his way up the ladder.

He is now a film producer and is most famous for the 9/11 romance movie Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson.

Alongside his producing work, he is also a manager for screenwriters, actors, novelists, and film directors in Los Angeles, California.

He is the executive producer on US TV shows Heathers and Snowfall.

Meghan, 37, reportedly made the Duchess of Cambridge, 36, cry after Princess Charlotte's flower girl dress fitting, with the pair also having been locked in a "ghastly row" over the treatment of staff.

And The Sun exclusively revealed simmering tensions between brothers William, 36, and Harry are at the heart of the frostiness between the two couples.

Meghan also faced some opposition from the Middleton family, who didn’t want to invite her to Pippa’s wedding last May.

And a furious Duchess of Cambridge is said to have recently slapped down Meghan after she spoke rudely to a member of Kate's staff telling her doing so was "unacceptable".

Meghan and husband Prince Harry are moving from their London pad, where they live next door to Prince William and Kate, to Frogmore Cottage ahead of the arrival of their baby in the spring of 2019.

Household staff were reportedly left astounded when she demanded air fresheners to fix the "musty" smell at St George's Chapel before her wedding, but Buckingham Palace officials said no.

And recently her assistant of just six months, Melissa Toubati, who played a "pivotal role in the success of the Royal Wedding", quit the job after "putting up with a lot".

A royal insider has since claimed the reported "tit for tat" could bring the monarchy to its knees.

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