Meghan Markle superfans threatened to kill me, hacked my computer and stole money from my bank account- now I’m buying a gun to defend myself
5th December 2018

Calling themselves the  'Megulators', the online vigilantes are said to be waging a cyber war against their 'Megxit' enemies – those who want Meghan booted out of Britain and the Royal Family for good.

Hundreds of tweets under the hashtag #megulators show Prince Harry's wife's 'super-fans' dubbing themselves as "anti-bullying campaigners' who slam anyone who questions pregnant Meghan's character.

Cristina Cain, 41, a PR who previously represented Meghan's estranged half-sister Samantha Markle says certain Megulators have threatened to kill her and made her feel like she she is being 'watched' every second.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Cristina revealed how she and her sister Trina, 47, were subjected to vile personal and professional slurs and claimed the 'highly sophisticated trolls' even stole from their bank accounts after hacking their computers.

Terrified for her life, Cristina now wants to warn others of the dangers of crossing Meghan Markle.

“The battle between the Megulators and Megxit is vicious and someone is going to end up getting killed," she told Sun Online.

“They push and push and take things as far as possible  -and one day that will mean a person’s death."

'People will kill in Meghan's name'

Cristina claims that social media has become a "war" ground for battles between "Megulators" and "Megxit".

“These Megulators – also known as the "Sussex Squad" attack anyone they see as hurtful to Meghan, while Megxit – those who want Meghan out of the royal family – hit back at them and troll anyone who attacks her," she explains.

“The Megulators think they are like Meghan’s bodyguards."

"Megxit" supporters, on the other side, target Meghan's charitable work and appearance, starting the hashtag #thecharlatanduchess.

One Megxiteer wrote: "Meghan Markle created issues with her own family, 2 ex husbands and a bunch of lice in boyfriends. Ask her siblings, they'll tell you she's not a good person."

Yet Cristina claims that despite their Twitter squabbling, both 'sides' are smart.

“They will create fake news, plant stories and do a lot of research to try to get what they want. 

"We’ve even called in a cyber expert who says the same tech being used to spread love and hate about Meg is the same that Russian trollers use to influence elections and spread fake news."

'Why don't you just curl up and die already?'

Cristina says her living nightmare first started when she invited Samantha Markle to speak on the radio show she presents – Unity Radio – in her hometown of Boston.

The Megulators had already targeted Samantha – who has been estranged from her half-sister for years and recently claimed their father Thomas's deteriorating health was Meghan's fault.

One post reads: "Samantha Markle is nothing but a fame chaser. Why don't you just curl up and die already?"

"But the minute Samantha posted online about working with us we got barraged with vile emails criticising us and her," Cristina explains.

Before the show even aired, Cristina and her sister were sent death threats.

Cristina says: “My sister got an email saying: "'You don’t know what you’ve taken on. You’re going to take a dive.'

"We had to cancel the interview in the end because of death threats."

Cristina and Trina have now reported the threats to police and their local FBI office.

'Megulators hacked my computer and nicked my money'

Yet the torrent of hate from the Megulators didn't stop there.

Just days later, the sisters claimed money had been stolen from their bank accounts.

“We were getting emails hacked, money stolen from bank accounts and relentless, horrible trolling on social media," Cristina adds.

It's thought that hackers had found out the passwords for the sister's online banking by hacking their computers.

“The radio station even had a computer hard drive wiped by a hacker and our own Twitter account was logged into and taken over.

Cristina also claims the details of private conversations between her and her sister were being leaked on social media, leading her to suspect their computers had been hacked.

"The only way the Megulators could get that information is if they were hacking  us," she says.

“We’ve never experienced anything like it. No-one can really understand what it’s like to be violated like this until they have experienced it themselves.

'They are always watching us'

The sisters have now parted ways with Samantha, describing how representing her became "impossible".

Cristina claims Megulators would try to sabotage appearances they had booked in for Samantha by sending fake emails to the venues to cancel them.

"For Samantha, this kind of thing is normal. This has been her life for more than two years," Cristina says.

Cristina has now filed a police report, detailing her accusations, and says she has forwarded the evidence to the FBI.

“We’ve send the FBI screenshots of everything we can," she says, adding: "When we went to the FBI office I wore a baseball cap with the number 47 on it.

"Afterwards on Twitter there were references to '47 from the Megulators. They made us aware they are watching us."

A spokesman for Braintree Police in Massachusetts said: “I can confirm Ms Cain has made a report to officers regards alleged harassment she has been subjected to. Officers are investigating her complaint."

Cristina says things have now become so extreme she and her sister would now legally buy guns to protect themselves, adding: “This is America so that’s what we’re going to do. The fights continues."


If one thing is for certain, it’s that the battle between the Megulators and Megxiteers is far from over.
With the due date of Meghan and Harry’s baby approaching in Spring, those on the outside can only hope that the newest edition to the Royal Family isn’t used as a pawn in this cyber war.

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