Meghan Markle boasted she would serve marijuana at her first wedding to Trevor Engelson before she met Prince Harry
28th December 2018

Leaked emails reveal plans to put the dope in party bags at her nuptials to Trevor Engelson.

Urged to buy a certain type of bag by a pal, the Duchess replied: “Already ordered ’em. And teeny ones for the pot that say ‘shh’.”

The American actress even personally ordered small muslin bags for the illegal drug to be placed inside glitzy gift bags to guests.

The future Duchess then signed off to the friend with a jokey smiley face.

Meghan’s estranged father Thomas revealed last month that guests at the wedding in Jamaica were given a bag of marijuana.

But the emails show for the first time how Prince Harry’s wife was directly involved in the planning of the druggy stunt.

Sources claimed she even had a hand in rolling the joints and inserting the filter tip.

At the time of the wedding in 2012 any possession of cannabis was illegal in Jamaica.

In 2015 laws were relaxed to make possession of small amounts a “petty offence” unlikely to lead to a criminal conviction.

An insider called Meghan’s first wedding in Jamaica in 2011 a “boozy beach wedding with a magical backdrop” and “an epic weekend under the sun and stars”. But as well as alcohol, there was plenty of weed, too.

Guests said Meghan and first husband Trevor bought marijuana through a member of staff at their hotel.

But a guest added that although she was “very excited” about surprising guests with marijuana, it was more of a gimmick and she did not smoke too much herself.

The guest said: “It didn’t seem like it was really her thing.

“Trevor and his friends definitely had more experience with it. I think she is more of a champagne and rose kind of girl. It almost looked like she didn’t know how to smoke.

“It is not something that was very much ‘her’, but it was part of the theme and the couple were very excited to have this surprise gift for the guests.

“It was a destination wedding in Jamaica, so they thought it would be appropriate and cool to supply this. She thought it would make it memorable.

“She was excited about making that a thing, showing a cheeky side people wouldn’t have imagined she had, especially at her wedding.”

The wedding plan included procuring enough marijuana to hand-roll over 200 joints, delivered to guests in gift bags left in their hotel rooms for their arrival.

Although there was just one tote bag per room – designed for the occasion – each contained a baggie with 3-5 ready-to-smoke joints.

Older guests received gift bags without the drugs inside.

The guest said: “Trevor used his charm and very easily found a member of staff at the hotel willing to supply the party.”

“It wasn’t great quality, I heard he didn’t pay much more than $100 for a couple of bags, but it didn’t really matter. There was enough to roll all the joints in the goodie bags and have plenty of left-overs to pass around as and when needed over the weekend.

“I’m told it took hours to roll them up. People were surprised, but no-one seemed to be against it, it went down really well.

“I don’t think Meghan thought for a second about it as a legal issue, even though they were holding a large quantity of it. It was part of their plan.

“Some people were lighting up all weekend, particularly Trevor’s friends. Meghan herself not so much, she was fairly constrained. She preferred to drink but I don’t think she wanted to be a party-pooper so she would take a puff from time to time to be a part of it.”

One guest who had not looked through her gift bag almost flew home to the US with a joint in her luggage.

The wedding was a four-day weekend with around 100 guests at the Jamaica Inn, in Ocho Rios, followed by a honeymoon at celebrities’ favourite Rockhouse Hotel, in Negril.

“Meghan always wanted to get married with her toes in the sand,” said the insider. She went to Jamaica with her mom a handful of times when she was younger, the two of them loved the beaches there, so there was a childhood connection.

“She had stayed previously at the Inn with Trevor in a romantic trip and they said they both felt a connection to the place too. You had 100 friends jumping on a plane and gathering on an island, it was an epic weekend under the sun and stars. There was drinking games, dancing, marijuana… it was a boozy beach wedding with a magical backdrop.”

Guests included both Meghan’s parents Doria and Thomas, her only family members, as well as Suits stars Patrick Adams and Rick Hoffman.

Aside from them, and her bridesmaids, those attending were almost all from Trevor’s side – including various family members and friends he had introduced her to – so in that sense it was similar to her Royal Wedding. That is where the similarities ended though.

Meghan and Trevor arrived on the tropical island around four days before the festivities to have everything in place for the occasion.

The wedding was funded mostly by Thomas Markle and Trevor’s parents, but Meghan and Trevor picked up some of the costs themselves.

“It was worlds away from her wedding to Harry,” said the source.

“There was a lot of drinking all weekend. There were cocktails like Pina Colada and Long Island Iced Tea, and of course lots of rum and a lot of Red Stripe beer (local beer, featured in the couple’s wedding invitation).

“You could tell there was other sorts of things going on. Some people got really rowdy, including Trevor’s friends and some of Meghan’s Suits co-stars. There was debauchery, drinking games on the sand, people passing out and others being loud.

“They set up some competitions on the sand, like tug of war, wheel-barrel racing and drinking games like beer pong. It was out in the sun, so people got pretty drunk. Most guests were couples but there was some hooking up between the single people, but nothing too crazy and public. And the night of the wedding the party went until very late.”

The cannabis wedding gift was revealed by Meghan’s dad Thomas Markle earlier this month.

He said: “It’s illegal, but it’s no big deal in Jamaica. It’s almost customary down there. I don’t smoke weed and to the best of my knowledge nor does Meghan. I don’t know what I did with mine. I think I gave it away.”

Prince Harry was ordered to visit a drugs rehabilitation clinic by his father Prince Charles after the teenager confessed to smoking cannabis and heavy drinking.

The short sharp shock treatment came after Harry, who was 16 at the time, admitted experimenting with the class B drug with older teenagers at Highgrove, at private parties in Gloucestershire and in an outbuilding at a local pub. He also told how he had been taking part in underage drinking at the same pub during after-hours sessions.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward, Editor of Majesty magazine, said it was extremely unusual for a duchess to be caught discussing drugs.

She said: “Members of the Royal Family would never normally talk about such things. The Royals have been touched by drugs before, but it has always been brushed under the carpet.

“The Queen may be a bit disappointed by this, but she is a very pragmatic woman, and will be well aware that Meghan has had a life before joining the Royal Family. This will no doubt cause some tut-tutting among certain elements, but we mustn’t forget that Meghan lived quite a full life before meeting Harry.

“Back then she was a normal LA girl, living an LA lifestyle where everyone probably smoked cannabis. This is a fascinating insight into Meghan’s previous life, and I’m sure there will be more.”

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