London Bridge terror attack survivor recalls harrowing moment 'expressionless' terrorist ran up and stabbed her
20th April 2021

A GRADUATE who survived the Fishmonger’s Hall terror attack has recalled the harrowing moment the “expressionless” killer ran up and stabbed her.

Stephanie Szczotko, 26, was knifed in the arm by convicted terrorist Usman Khan, 28, during a rampage near London Bridge that left two people dead and three people seriously injured. 

Cambridge University graduates Saskia Jones, 23, and Jack Merritt, 25, were killed by Khan on the afternoon of November 29 2019.

Convicted terrorist Khan, who was secretly armed with three knives and a fake suicide vest, had attended a prisoner rehabilitation event held at the venue.

He injured three more people during a five-minute rampage at the Learning Together event. Three men used a narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher to wrestle him to the ground before he was shot dead by cops. 

Giving evidence at an inquest into the attack today, Ms Szczotko recalled how she first became aware of danger when she heard people screaming in fear. 

Ms Szczotko was on the stairs and turned around to see what the commotion was about – and saw Khan charging towards her wielding a knife in his right hand. 

In a few “flash glimpses,” the victim felt him strike her and looked at him in “shock and confusion,” jurors heard.


The victim said Khan showed no emotion – and did not appear “particularly bothered or psyched up”.

Ms Szczotko said: “I could just hear screams as if people were scared.

“'I turned to see… I saw a cluster of people ran past from the left to the right.

“I can't remember the expressions on their faces but the sounds I could detect fear from them… I wasn't sure what they were running from and that's when I saw a man run towards me.”

Asked by counsel to the inquest Jonathan Hough QC about the attacker’s facial expression as he carried out the attack, Ms Szczotko said he was “expressionless”.

Electrician Simon Bird, who was working at the hall on the day of the attack, described hearing Khan repeatedly shout: "Open the f***ing door."

He saw the terrorist wielding knives in his hands before looking to the floor to see a "river of blood," jurors heard.

"[He was shouting] open the effing door, open the effing door. That made me stop in my tracks," Mr Bird said.

"As I heard the voice my eyes were drawn to him.

"The first thing I noticed was his beard, then my eyes were drawn down and I saw a kitchen knife, then my eyes were drawn down to the floor and I saw what I described at the time looked like a river of blood and then I saw the ceremonial pike in that area."

The inquest continues. 

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