Locals slam 'self-entitled' tourists for ruining quiet seaside towns
4th September 2023

Locals slam ‘self-entitled’ tourists for ruining quiet seaside towns by dumping litter and treating their beaches as car parks – as latest ‘rude’ visitors drive 4x4s onto the sands and have a BBQ

  • Locals have said its ‘totally selfish’ of tourists to drive onto secluded beaches  

Locals are furious at ‘self-entitled’ tourists drive onto beaches and get their cars stuck, as well as leaving their rubbish and BBQs behind.

Over the weekend two vehicles had to be rescued as they were submerged in water after being parked at beaches in North Wales. 

Tourists were also blasted for treating a secluded beach in Angelsey as a car park, as three 4x4s parked up and had a BBQ – leaving their rubbish behind at the beauty spot afterwards.

‘I felt angry and upset – I’m not a fan of selfish, inconsiderate and self-entitled behaviour. I wouldn’t dream of driving onto a beach but it seems that some people think they can park wherever they want,’ one resident said. 

Some locals have said they ‘can’t wait until winter’ when the beaches will be quieter and car-free. 

In Angelsey, locals blasted tourists for treating a secluded beach as a car park as three 4x4s parked up and had a BBQ – leaving their rubbish behind at the beauty spot afterwards

A car submerged in water in Selsey, West Sussex after it was left at the beach 

Another resident added: ‘It is totally selfish to drive cars onto that beach. Clearly not appropriate but some people don’t care about others.’

Parking on  beaches can be dangerous with cars being submerged in the water as the tide draws in before the drivers notice.  A transit van left at Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog was engulfed by the tide while a Land Rover was spotted under water on Abersoch beach. 

Driving straight on to the beach at Black Rock Sands is advertised and you can pay £8 to park on the sand. Despite the parking guidance, this is said to cause ongoing problems.

A Holyhead coastguard said the owner was yet to come forward and claim the Land Rover following the blunder which saw it go about a metre under the water. 

People are being warned not to park on beaches due to the increasing number of incidents. 

This issue is not unique to the Welsh beaches. Over the recent bank holiday weekend, a coastguard rescue team at East Beach in Selsey, West Sussex attended an incident following reports of a car completely underwater.

The 4×4 had parked at the end of the dive ramp on August 27, which can often become ‘very slippery’. 

Also in Newquay, Cornwall an electric car was spotted surrounded by seawater last month. 

An electric vehicle was photographed in Port Isaac after finding itself in an unfortunate situation

Three cars were left stranded in Newquay, Cornwall  by ‘idiot’ tourists who parked up on the beach 

The spot where the car had parked was previously used as a car park with opening times governed by the tide. However, recently the harbour has been closed and signs at the entrance warn motorists not leave cars there.

In a seperate incident at Towan Beach in Newquay, ‘idiot’ tourists were slammed after cars had to be rescued by lifeguards. 

The beach is directly accessible to vehicles via a narrow lane, but drivers often do not realise this does not mean they are allowed to park on the sand – and should make use of nearby car parks instead.

Connor Duffy, 33, from Newquay, said: ‘Just shows common sense isn’t really that common.’ 

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