Lil Mosey's ex-manager says it was 'on him' to appear in court on rape charges after Seattle rapper 'ditched hearing'
23rd April 2021

RAPPER Lil Mosey's ex-manager said it was "on him" to appear in court on rape charges after he "ditched the hearing."

Cops in Washington State have issued a warrant for the 19-year-old's arrest on Thursday after he failed to attend a preliminary court hearing regarding the allegations.

Lil Mosey, real name Lathan M. Echols, was charged with second-degree rape two weeks ago.

Adel "Ace" Sadik, one of Mosey's former managers, said he did not know why the rapper did not appear in court htis week.

Asked how Mosey responds to the allegations, Sadik told the Seattle Times: "That’s all on him and the courts to figure out. I can’t really speak on that on his behalf."

Sadik told the outlet that he does not represent Lil Mosey and is "not involved in his career."

Court documents claim Echols "engaged in sexual intercourse with another person" on January 6, 2020 in Washington's Lewis County.

The person he was with "was incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated," the documents read, detailing a shocking story of how the rapper had himself onto an unconscious woman.

On that January morning, Detective Michael Mohr contacted the friend of the woman Echols is accused of raping "and learned that she had received a text from her friend about going to a party at a cabin in Randle."

When they arrived, there were several people already there the two girls said they "did not know and kept to themselves most of the night."

“At one point, someone brought White Claws and champagne and they had some to drink."

The friend said “she does not remember much after drinking the champagne but remembered waking up in an upstairs bedroom in her bra and underwear and someone said there was video of her having sex."

She added “there were a lot of boys in the room and that she grabbed” the woman Echols is accused of raping “and they left the area in their vehicle.”

When Mohr contacted the victim and her mother to investigate, “it was learned at that point that [the woman] had no specific memory of a rape taking place.”

“She remembered people saying she had sex, but could not recall who said that and did not remember engaging in sexual intercourse.”

When she and her friend went to their vehicle, “Echols got in the car and pulled his pants down.”

That’s when the woman said “this is where her memory gets fuzzy. She said the next thing she remembered is being in the cabin with guys on her, and ‘Cisco,’ later identified was Francisco Prater, saying ‘Wake up, wake up, suck this dick, b***h.’”

The woman admitted to “having consensual sex with Echols while he was in the car,” but not with Prater, saying “she remembered Prater being on her and her eyesight being ‘weird.’”

“She said he had his ‘dick’ out and she remembered pulling it out because it ‘hurt.’ She said that Prater was on top of her between her legs and said that the next say her hips hurt.”

“She added that at one point she opened her eyes and saw ‘two dicks’ and said that she ‘watched it come out of me, like I was pulling it out.’”

“She said that she remembered one of them trying to force a dick inside her mouth.”

The woman said she “received a message from one of the people at the party that said the guys were talking about ‘training two girls.'"

She also had injuries she could not explain, including bruising on her arm, neck, and inner knees.

About a month later, the woman contacted Mohr saying she remembered parts of that night.

The woman "remembered being carried by Prater at the top of the stairs in the cabin and hitting her head on something. She was then laid down on a bed and blacked out."

"When she woke up she said that Echols was already in the room and he got on top of her and was pushing her legs up and apart while he was having sex with her."

"She said she recalled having pain in her leg muscles while Echols was pushing her legs. She said she blacked out again and woke up to Prater ‘forcing his dick in her.’ It was during that when Echols left the room to go downstairs."

The woman claims a short time later, Mosey got on top of her and pushed her legs up and apart.

She alleges that she remembers having pain in her legs as he was doing this.

The second man involved in the alleged rape, Prater, 18, has also been charged, local newspaper The Chronicle states.

Mosey was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday but a $50,000 bench warrant has now been issued for his arrest when he failed to show.

If convicted, the rapper faces life in prison and up to $50,000 in fines.

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