Letters to the Editor — March 21, 2021
21st March 2021

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Meisha Ross Porter

New NYC Schools Chancellor barely taught before ‘quick ascension’ in DOE

NYC’s new schools chancellor seems stuck on bad old priorities

Letters to the Editor — March 2, 2021

New NYC schools chancellor ‘marginalized’ older white women: suit

Skipping class
The new New York City schools chancellor, Meisha Ross Porter, had a year and a half experience as a classroom teacher (“New NYC chancellor has barely taught,” March 15).

Barely enough experience to know how to take attendance.

As a former teacher of more than 30 years, I used to cringe when I heard a principal or a guidance counselor admit that they “couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom.” Which probably went a long way to explaining their incompetence in their positions.

The classroom is where education happens. If you never been there, you only understand education as a word. Woe to New York City schools.

Marty Perry

Way to weed in NY
In a recent op-ed (“New York Just Lost Its Excuse To OK Pot,” PostOpinion, March 16), Kevin Sabet, who’s been a New Yorker for about 15 minutes, couldn’t be more wrong in his analysis.

He incorrectly misconstrues statistics to draw prohibitionist conclusions about cannabis, sadly perpetuating the same tired arguments against legalization.

New York state needs cannabis legalization not just for immediate revenue infusion. It’s about social equity and long-term economic development and empowerment.

As more states legalize cannabis, a strong New York-based industry is vital to the state’s long-term economic health — and will benefit local farmers, manufacturers and retailers.

It’s long overdue that ineffective prohibitions end and the criminalization of cannabis use that disproportionately affects minority communities is dismantled.

With a bill that’s properly structured with guidance from real New Yorkers who live and breathe the fight for legalization, these benefits can come to fruition.

Allan Gandleman
President, NY Cannabis Growers & Processors Association

Pope’s gay veto
Last week, Pope Francis barred priests from blessing same-sex unions because, “God does not and cannot bless sin” (“Gay nups is a sin: Vatican,” March 16).

I am not shocked by his words. The sting of having your love called a sin bestows the feelings of guilt and shame I felt as a gay Catholic youth.

My husband and I are lucky to live in a time and place where our marriage is recognized by our government, and by a majority of those who call this country home. But in many places across the world, gay people still don’t have this right. In many more places, young queer people are still alienated simply because of who they love.

Queer youth are five times more likely to attempt suicide. They are vastly more likely to experience domestic and sexual violence, mental-health disorder and HIV infection.

This papal decree has real implications for queer youth worldwide, and can result in violence, homelessness or death.

Being assured that your love is real and beautiful matters.

Alfonso Quiroz

Wedding grinch
Coming off his year-long project of successfully destroying the Empire State, Gov. Cuomo has redirected his “big brain” to regulate dancing at weddings. (“Step carefully,” March 16). Now that the entire free world knows where his hands have been, I guess it is only natural for him to concern himself with where our feet should be.

With a nod to Arthur Murray, Cuomo has instructed wedding dancers to stay at least six feet from each other. If, however, your hands are larger than ­Cuomo’s, you may need to stay further away than that.

Jack Kaufman
Naples, Fla.

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