Larry Nassar Remains Unrepentant In Recent Jail Interview
22nd December 2018

Despite years of sexual abuse, disgraced doctor Larry Nassar still believes his actions were not criminal.

It’s been over a year since former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to life in prison for decades of sexual abuse. The disgraced doctor was accused of molesting over 250 young girls under the facade of helping them with athletic injuries. Despite several young women coming forward throughout the years to report the abuse they had experienced at Nassar’s hands, he was still practicing medicine up until 2016, when he was exposed through a telling article from the Indianapolis Star, according to CNN.

After Nassar’s crimes were finally revealed to the world, hundreds of girls and young women came forward to testify against him publicly. Olympic athletes Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglass, and Simone Biles were among the many to share their past experiences of sexual abuse while being treated by the doctor. After one of the most highly publicized trials of all time, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced him to 40-175 years in prison for his crimes against minors.

Despite his conviction and the overwhelming evidence against him, Nassar is reportedly still unrepentant for the pain and destruction he caused in so many young lives. David Dwyre, the chief of investigations at the attorney general’s office, recently conducted a jail interview with the disgraced doctor. Dwyre had hoped that he’d be able to gather information regarding the individuals and organizations of power that had protected and enabled Nassar for so many years. Instead, he found a man who is still convinced he is innocent.

“It immediately became clear that his statements of remorse in the courtroom were a farce,” a report following the interview read. Nassar believes that all of his “treatments” were “done for a medical purpose, not for his own pleasure.”

Nassar went on to say that the only reason he pleaded guilty for his crimes was because “because he lost his support from the medical community and his patients after the police discovered reams of child pornography in his possession.”

Michigan State University, where the former doctor was previously employed, is currently under investigation for allegedly covering up Nassar’s crimes and silencing victims who reported abuse. After being accused of being uncooperative of the investigation, the university issued a statement regarding their support of justice being served.

“We are extraordinarily sorry that Larry Nassar was on our campus and has hurt so many people. The university is engaged in — and investing in — an intense reform and cultural change effort to ensure that Michigan State University is a safe campus for students, faculty, staff and our community,” the statement read.

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