Labour plan to twist the knife in Theresa May with vote of no confidence
10th December 2018

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon offered to support Labour if they put forward a motion to try and topple the Tories within hours.

She appealed to Mr Corbyn to "work together" to boot them out of office, just hours after Mrs May revealed she plans to postpone her crunch Commons vote as she can't get enough MPs on side to pass it.

This afternoon MP Chris Leslie said it was "highly likely" that a vote would come against the PM, but the leadership won't bring one unless they are absolutely sure that they can win it.

The pro-Remain campaigner said that would kick-start the campaign for a second referendum, which could then lead to staying in the EU altogether.

"It's clear the Prime Minister can't command confidence in Parliament," the Labour backbencher told BBC News this afternoon.

He added: "I imagine Jeremy Corbyn will put down a vote of no confidence in the Government straight away, and then we can move on with discussing how we put this back to the British people."

The Labour boss has discussed what the party will do next as the ongoing saga over Brexit continues.

But he's unwilling to push a vote forwards unless they are certain to win.

The DUP – the Northern Irish party who prop up Mrs May's government – has said they will support the PM in a confidence motion.

So even if everyone teamed up against her, there would not be enough to collapse the Government unless some Tories voted against their own party.

They'd be unlikely to do that as it would likely lead to another general election.

Today it was revealed:

  • Furious Tory MPs could trigger a leadership challenge to the PM within DAYS
  • Michael Gove promised the deal can be "improved" through talks with the EU
  • Euro judges ruled that Britain can cancel Brexit without permission from Europe
  • Top Tories made plans for a second referendum without an option to remain in the EU

Later today Mrs May will give a speech to MPs in the Commons about what her plan is now.

It was reported that the PM will go back to Brussels and try and seek more concessions from Brussels over the hated Northern Ireland backstop.


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