Kingstonians worry about road safety after a woman dies on New Year’s Eve
3rd January 2019

On New Year’s Eve, a 32-year-old woman died in the area along Princess Street near Bath Road after she was hit by a vehicle.

Kingston police are continuing to investigate and have released very limited information about the case.

What Global News does know so far is that the woman who died was not a Kingston resident.

Police officials have not said if charges are pending against the driver involved.

Our story about this fatal accident has generated a number of comments about pedestrian safety in the city.

Global News reached out to the city to ask their thoughts on road safety in Kingston.

“Certainly if a lot of pedestrian collisions are happening at a particular location we will notice that. We will be looking at pedestrian collisions very carefully when they come in from the police to determine if there is anything we can do to make it safe at a particular location,” says Deanna Green, traffic division manager for the city.

According to a five-year study released by the city last year, more than 300 people are injured on roadways in Kingston every year. The same study also found an average of three road-related fatalities.

“We have concerns like anyone. We still see about 30 per cent of motorists not yielding to pedestrians. We still see red-light running. We still see aggressive driving, distracted driving. The city will be working closely with police to work on these focus areas as a part of our Vision Zero safety plan,” says Green.

Although the Vision Zero plan is still in the draft phase, measures such as creating more pedestrian crosswalks and increasing crossing times have already been implemented at some locations.

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