Kamala Harris busts out laughing when asked if she has a socialist perspective on 60 Minutes
26th October 2020

 KAMALA Harris bursts out laughing during her 60 Minutes interview when she was asked if she would advocate for a “socialist or progressive perspective” if elected.

Citing a 2019 ranking from the nonpartisan organization GovTrack, CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell tells Harris, “You’re considered the most liberal United States senator.”

The anchor mentioned Harris’ support of the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all and the legalization of marijuana – all of which that Joe Biden has yet to back.

Harris said she would always share her perspective with Biden, and O’Donnell asked, “And is that a socialist or progressive perspective?”

After a baffled look on Harris’ face, she bursts out laughing and said, “No.”

“No. It is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India. Who also, you know, likes hip hop.

Like, what do you want to know?” Harris added.

On Monday, President Donald Trump responded to Harris' interview chuckle, "she was laughing at a horrible question, most liberal senator. She's the most liberal senator by far – more liberal than Bernie.

"Even sponsored the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal would be an economic disaster for national certainly for this state," Trump said at his campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

During the interview, the CBS news anchor followed up by noting President Trump’s remarks from the Republican National Convention about how Biden will be a “Trojan horse for socialist policies.”

The anchor also asked if Harris would push those policies “from the left wing of the Democratic party.”

“I am not going to be confined to Donald Trump’s definition of who I or anybody else is and I think Americans learned that would be a mistake,” Harris responded

The CBS anchor continued to press Harris on whether she would push Biden to embrace policies like Medicare-for-all.

“I would not have joined the ticket if I didn’t support what Joe was proposing. And, so our plan includes expanding on everything Joe did together with President Obama created with the Affordable Care Act,” Harris replied.

The vice-president candidate was caught on hot mic Saturday asking an aide which city she was in – just before she addressed a campaign rally in Cleveland.

On the hot mic she says, “Are we in Cleveland?”

When the aide confirms she is, Harris says, “Hey, Cleveland, its Kamala!”

She spoke at a campaign rally in Cuyahoga Community College and urged Clevelanders to vote for Biden.

Ohio is a key swing state with polls showing Biden and Trump in a virtual tie in the Buckeye state.

During her appearance, Harris took a page from Joe Biden by dropping a gaffed, saying the coronavirus pandemic had killed “over 220 million” Americans.

The actual number is about 224,000.

“You are going to make the decision about your future, about your family’s future.

“It is through the voice of your vote, and you have the power.

“The power is with the people, and you know that. That’s why you’re standing in this line today, and I just came to say thank you!” Harris said.

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