Kabul attack: Horrific videos show bodies in SEWAGE canals after bombings killed 60, including 12 US troops
26th August 2021

HARROWING videos from Kabul airport show bodies in sewage canals after bombings reportedly killed 60 people, including 12 US troops.

On Thursday, multiple explosions rocked the Afghanistan airport, injuring 140 people and killing at least 11 Marines and one Navy medic, two American officials told Reuters.

Two gruesome videos surfaced on social media on Thursday, showing bloody corpses and what appeared to be lifeless bodies lining a drainage ditch.

Some of the deceased shown in the footage were lying face-down in the squalid water, while others, who appeared wounded, were sitting and seemed to be waiting for help.

One man’s head hung loosely as he was pulled from the ditch; however, it was unclear whether he was dead or alive.

The 52-second clip was posted on Twitter by the Askava News Agency.

Others were spread out motionless on one bank, with one man’s white clothing stained by blood that appeared to have poured from his neck and limbs.

According to officials, the explosions are believed to have been caused by two ISIS suicide bombers and shooters who attacked crowds of Afghans flocking to Kabul's airport today.

A US official confirmed the first blast was caused by a suicide bomb, with initial reports suggesting the second explosion was a car bomb.

A third blast was reportedly heard at the airport hours after the earlier two.

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Thousands of people have gathered at the airport over the past 12 days hoping to be evacuated after the Taliban seized power.

The horrific terror attacks sparked a new push to impeach Joe Biden after the president was accused of several failures that worsened the chaos in Afghanistan.

Republicans are slamming the Biden administration’s handling of Afghanistan, as the president is poised on meeting his August 31 deadline.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was among those calling for impeachment, tweeting: “Explosions at Kabul airport. The Biden/Harris administration is fully to blame for ALL of this.

"We have no choice. We must #ImpeachBiden, and keep moving down the line. They are all complicit.”

The blast carnage at the airport comes as…

  • Hours before the UK government warned, Kabul Airport faced an ‘imminent, highly lethal’ attack.
  • Desperate Afghans were told to ‘forget airport and run for border’ to flee from the Taliban.
  • Ex-Marine Pen Farthing and his 200 animals were blocked from the airport by the Taliban.
  • Taliban took a US Black Hawk helicopter for a joy ride after seizing 200,000 firearms.

Taylor followed the tweet up with a statement, “I submitted Articles of Impeachment last Friday.

“Are we ready yet? Call 202-224-3121 and request your Representative to let them know #ImpeachBiden."

Senator Lindsey Graham wrote: “This despicable terrorist attack against innocent civilians at the Kabul airport, which injured American Marines, is a reminder of the depravity the world faces from Afghanistan.”

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “So are we talking about impeachment yet?

“Asking for a friend who was impeached for a phone call but definitely wouldn’t strand thousands of American Civilians behind terrorist enemy lines! #BidenDisaster.”

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