Jeremy Corbyn told to ditch plan to be PM as he hosts MPs for anti-No Deal summit to betray Brexit
27th August 2019

JEREMY Corbyn has been told to ditch his plan to be a caretaker PM as he hosts MPs today for showdown talks on how to stop a No Deal Brexit.

The Labour boss will host an anti-No Deal summit today with five other opposition parties – but no Tories are set to attend.

Mr Corbyn wants to hold a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson, bring the Government down and storm into No10 as a caretaker PM, before calling an election.

Tory rebels including Dominic Grieve and Sir Oliver Letwin were invited but are not expected to go today.

And already opposition parties are squabbling over the best way to stop a No Deal Brexit, which will delight No10.

Other MPs are demanding that if his plan works, he steps aside for another leader to take over instead.

And they think the best way of stopping a No Deal would be to pass a law forcing Boris to get another extension instead.

Lib Dem boss Jo Swinson, who is attending today's talks, says she can't serve under Corbyn as a temporary PM.

She said last night: "I don't want to spend time mucking around on ideas that aren't going to fly.

"Passing a law to request an extension of Article 50 and requesting the Government to do so would be my starting point.
"We don't have a lot of time."

And Tory MP Dominic Grieve, who has been invited to today's summit, told LBC earlier: "Jeremy Corbyn is not a person who can command the majority of the House of Commons.

"I don't think it's possible, I just don't think it's going to work."

But he floated the idea that Hilary Benn, a long-standing Labour MP, could instead.

"It needs a high level of trust involved – Jeremy Corbyn is something of an outsider even in his own political party."

He said it would be easier if Remainer MPs changed the Brexit date or even "eliminated it entirely" – opening the door for revoking Article 50 and stopping our EU exit in its tracks.

Sir Keir told Radio 4 earlier: "I think it's important we pull people together and agree a plan.
"Of course, there's the option of a vote of no confidence.

"But what we did back in April was to ensure that the majority in Parliament was able to take control of proceedings and pass legislation to extend Article 50."

He urged MPs to "put aside fantasy politics" and agree what could actually work.

Last night Labour MPs were openly attacking Ms Swinson for refusing to back Mr Corbyn.

Shadow minister Dawn Butler said: "How does she know what they will talk about if she's not there? This is a ridiculous position for a leader of a party who sits on the OPPOSITION side to adopt."

And Labour Party chair Ian Lavery added: "We all need a dose of political reality! @joswinson and her pals have NO right whatsoever to dictate any terms !

"People shouldn’t get their abilities mixed up with their ambitions."


Meanwhile, Boris is set to send his Brexit chief to Brussels on Wednesday for urgent talks about breaking the Brexit deadlock.

David Frost will go over tomorrow to see if there is any chance a deal can be done.

Boris launched a pre-emptive strike against the Corbyn-led talks, accusing him of plotting to “renege, reject, revoke the mandate of the people”.

The PM added: “And I cannot think of anything worse for democracy or for trust in politics and I very much hope that does not happen.”

Tory party chairman James Cleverly said it was the latest evidence that Mr Corbyn wi

Tory Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen blasted: “Corbyn is trying to rally his coalition of chaos to make his dreams of an October revolution a reality and get himself into No10 without ever winning an election in true Marxist style.

"He leads a Labour Party where two thirds of their seats voted Leave and the policy is now to stop Brexit at all cost, with the help of the SNP, who love referendums but hate the results.

"The Lib Dems who propose a policy of a second referendum but who would only accept a remain result and a rag tag rabble of democracy deniers, defectors and by-election dodgers."

Meanwhile, MPs from across the political spectrum are set to gather for a symbolic meeting at Church House in Westminster later today.

They will sign a declaration opposing any plans to shut down Parliament, and vow to set up their own one instead if that happens, ITV News revealed.

It's not clear whether Mr Corbyn will be attending.

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