Jeffrey Epstein ordered 14-year-old girl to pinch his nipples during naked massage Netflix’s Filthy Rich doc reveals – The Sun
28th May 2020

JEFFREY Epstein ordered a 14-year-old girl to pinch his nipples during a naked massage, Netflix's new series on the late pedophile has revealed.

Speaking in an interview for Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, accuser Shawna Rivera says she was abused after being lured to Epstein's home in Palm Beach, Florida.

The documentary features interviews with numerous women who say they were among the disgraced financier's victims.

Epstein killed himself last August while being held in New York awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking of minors.

Rivera said she first met him after being asked to accompany a friend on a visit to his Palm Beach mansion.

"I didn't know what was going to happen. I just went along with it," she said.

"We walk into the back the back and there's this girl. She's young.

"We walk into this room and this dude walked in. He lays down.

"So then my girlfriend tells me, 'We're just going to give him a massage'.

"And she said, 'We have to take our clothes off'."


Rivera says she and the friend removed all their clothes and began massaging Epstein before her friend announced that she was leaving.

"My girlfriend says, 'Well, I'm going to go'," she said.

"I couldn't believe she was walking out of there.

"Then [Epstein] wanted me to rub the lotion we were using all over his chest.

"And he told me to just grab his nipples and squeeze and pinch as hard as I could.

"I was like, 'What the f**k is this?' I'm 14 years old.

"It just went on like that for a couple of minutes and he finished.

"I was so embarrassed. I didn't know how to say, 'No, I don't want to do that'."

The series also includes an interview with Hayley Robson, now 33, who says Epstein paid her $200 a time to recruit school friends for him to abuse.

It describes how each of Epstein's victims was forced to bring him at least two more girls as part of a "twisted sexual pyramid scheme".

Robson says she would "casually" broach the offer with friends, and then drive with them to the house.

"When the girls would leave, Jeffrey would come out and pay me," she said.

She says she felt guilty about the work she did for Epstein for years before realising that she was a victim as well.

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