Jacksonville police officer attacked in crowd after he 'ran towards danger'
5th June 2021

St. Louis PD seeking to ID mob who jumped on police car after officers broke up party

A St. Louis police officer was inside the vehicle as several people began jumping and dancing on it.

A Jacksonville police officer with a rifle on his back was attacked by multiple people on Thursday night as he tried to disperse a crowd of people. 

A video posted by a user named Duval Promo shows an officer entering a crowd of people and getting thrown to the ground as fights broke out. After a short scuffle, the officer was able to get back on his feet and separate himself from the crowd. 


Steve Zona, the President of the police union in Jacksonville, said on Twitter that officers were responding to a report of gunshots. 

“This officer ran towards danger, alone, to make sure some of the very people who attacked him would be safe,” Zona wrote on Twitter Saturday. 

“It’s sad no one from this crowd chose to help our officer but we don’t believe that’s a true representation of our community. We know you have our backs and we will continue to run towards danger to keep you safe.”

At least one arrest was made in the attack, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told CBS47. 

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