Is NYC’s ‘ticket advocate’ some kind of joke?
11th December 2018

It’s a classic example of city bureaucracy in action — er, inaction: Eight months after City Hall named someone to a new post to help folks fight parking tickets, even 311 operators have no idea how to reach him.

As The Post’s Kevin Sheehan and Max Jaeger reported Monday, the Department of Finance hired Jean Wesh at $120,000 a year for its new “parking summons advocate” position in April. Yet the Post’s legmen found that Wesh still has no staff, no hotline, nor even a mention on the department’s Web site.

How can people reach him for help? Wesh’s suggested call to 311 yielded “I never heard of that guy” and a suggestion to try the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate.

Wesh claims he gets clients by poking around department buildings looking for people who might need help. Is he kidding?

He also offered to look up one of the reporter’s parking tickets, but couldn’t — because, he said, “the system is down.”

Obviously, Wesh is in no hurry to do any real work, which makes him a fine symbol of an administration that is on track to send the city payroll above 330,000, the highest in years, by fiscal year-end.

Hmm: The mayor just got voters to OK a new Civic Engagement Commission to “enhance civic participation” and “strengthen democracy.” If it’s anything like Wesh, that’ll be the last New Yorkers ever hear from it.

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