Intrepid swimmers across the UK brave the cold for New Year’s Day dip
1st January 2019

Cold Lang Syne! Intrepid swimmers across the country brave the cold for a traditional New Year’s Day dip as London rings in 2019 with a spectacular parade

Thousands of thrillseekers plunged into the New Year today as they braved the icy waters of the sea for a traditional January 1 dip.

Events were held on beaches around the country as revellers washed away the cobwebs of the festive season which a dip in a 5C waters.

Around 1,000 people in swimming costumes and fancied dress ran into the waters of Firth of Forth near Edinburgh for the annual Loony Dook event.

Hundreds more lined the streets of South Queensferry, West Lothian, to watch the brave ‘Dookers’ – from 23 countries around the world.

The Loony Dook dates back to 1986 when three locals jokingly suggested it as a hangover cure for the Hogmanay festivities.

Meanwhile in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, hundreds of participants plunged into the freezing water of the North Sea, with some dressed as spacemen, Santa hats, Union Jack wigs and dinosaur onesies.

Other took part in the Mappleton Bridge Jump, an annual tradition where people jump from Okeover Bridge on New Years Day into the River Dove in Mappleton, Derbyshire.

Members of the public join New Year swimmers, many in costume, in front of the Forth Rail Bridge near Edinburgh, Scotland during the annual Loony Dook Swim in the River Forth

A man dressed as Donald Trump was among those in fancy dress for the sponsored swim in aid of the RNLI lifeboat charity

A couple in matching tartan outfits were among the hundreds who braved the freezing cold waters of eastern Scotland

Others took part in the Mappleton Bridge Jump, an annual tradition where people jump from Okeover Bridge in Derbyshire

Successive shots show a reveller plunging the 35 feet into the cold waters of the river this afternoon

Locals lined the banks of the River Dove to watch scores of jumpers plunge from the bridge into the icey water today

The cold waters of the Derbyshire river provided a shocking wake up for those who took part in the traditional event

Many of those running into the water work fancy dress, including this man dressed in a Mexican outfit, with maracas

Similar events were held around the country. This woman got a shock as she entered the North Sea at Whitley Bay

Swimmers dressed in tam o’ shanter caps and boxing gear joined those taking part in the Whitley Bay New Years Day dip

Events around the country attracted those keen to wash away their hangovers after a night of New Year’s indulgence

Hundreds jumped into the waters in the shadow of iconic Forth Rail Bridge as part of Edinburgh’s annual Hogmanay festival

Those running into the water had a cold start, as the temperature were around five degrees celsius 

Brave groups, families and individuals participated in the New Year’s Day dip at Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

This swimmer – dressed in a curious costume had a nip from a flask to keep him warm as he braved the cold waters

The Loony Dook is part of a three-day Hogmanay celebration around Edinburgh which began with a torchlight procession on Sunday and iconic street party last night

This woman enjoyed a swim in one of the unicorn inflatables made famous by the England football team last summer

Lifeboat crews provided support for those helping to raise money for their case as part of the event in Scotland

The Whitley Bay swim is an annual event that takes place in front of Rendezvous Cafe at the Tyne and Wear seaside town

Swimmers from 23 countries around the world took part in this year’s Loony Dook, in South Queensferry,  West Lothian

Since 1987, the Dook has been an organised event encouraging those who take part to raise money for charity

In Whitley Bay, one man was dressed as a shark and one pair of girls dressed as streaky bacon and eggs

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