Huntington Park cops shoot dead double amputee Anthony Lowe Jr
31st January 2023

California cops shoot dead double amputee, 36, as he tries to run away from them on his stumps: Police department says officers feared he was going to ‘throw his knife at them’

  • Anthony Lowe Jr. was killed by Huntington Park Police officers on Thursday
  • He had just stabbed someone and was trying to flee on his stumps 
  • The officers fired at least eight shots at Lowe Jr, who died at the scene  

A group of California police officers shot and killed a double amputee on Thursday as he tried to run away from them on his stumps after jumping out of his wheelchair. 

The three cops from Huntington Park Police Department were filmed firing at least eight shots at Anthony Lowe Jr., a 36-year-old father-of-two. 

Lowe Jr. had just stabbed someone unprovoked, according to the police department, and was trying to run away from two officers. 

Video of the incident shows him standing in front of two officers next to his wheelchair, which he had leaped from. 

The three cops from Huntington Park Policed Department were filmed firing at least eight shots at Anthony Lowe Jr., a 36-year-old father-of-two

Lowe jumped out of his wheelchair and was trying to flee the officers when they opened fire

Lowe, 36, lost his legs recently, according to his family. They say he was murdered 

He turned and tried to hurry away from them, clutching a large butcher’s knife in one hand.

A second police car arrived, from which a third cop emerged. First, they Tased him – which was ‘ineffective’, according to a police press release.

Within 15 seconds of the third officer arriving, they fired multiple shots, shooting Lowe in the upper torso. 

Once he was on the ground lying on his stomach, they placed him in handcuffs. 

‘The suspect was tased at least twice by Huntington Park Officers but the deployment of the taser was ineffective. 

‘The suspect attempted to throw the butcher knife at the officers again, at which time an officer involved shooting occurred,’ the LA County Sheriff’s Office release said.

Lowe Jr. was carrying a large knife which the cops say he had just used to stab someone. After failing to subdue him with their Tasers, the officers said they feared he was going to throw the knife at them

A different view of the incident shows Lowe Jr. on the ground as the third officer arrived. He was clutching a large ‘butcher’s knife’, which the cops say he threatened to ‘throw’ at them 

Lowe Jr. later died at the scene. His family is now demanding answers from the police department. 

The officers involved have not yet been named. It remains unclear whether they have been placed on leave. 

The LA County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the incident, which comes three weeks after unarmed 29-year-old Tyre Nichols was beaten to death by a different group of police officers in Memphis, Tennessee.

‘They murdered my son, in a wheelchair with no legs. They do need to do something about it,’ his mother, Dorothy Lowe, said at a press conference on Sunday. 

The family told The LA Times that he lost the lower half of his legs recently following a different altercation with police in Texas. 

No further details were given. 

Family and friends of Anthony Lowe Jr hold a news conference to demand an investigation into his death outside of the Huntington Park Police Department in Huntington Park, California

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