How much does the 'Starbucks' Black Cat mug cost?
10th August 2021

STARBUCKS released a new Black Cat mug that’s available on eBay.

Despite black cat superstitions, fans are speculating how much these mugs cost.

How much does the 'Starbucks' Black Cat mug cost?

Starbucks' Black Cat mug is only available for purchase on eBay.

The price ranges between $23 and $25.65, depending on the user you buy it from. 

If you buy two or three mugs, you get a deal that ends up costing you less per mug.

What does the 'Starbucks' Black Cat mug look like?

The rounded black cat mug is topped with an orange witch hat along with a golden stirring spoon.

The mug has white whiskers, an orange nose and eyes, and two little pointy ears.

The witch hat is a removable lid to keep your coffee or tea hot.

The back of the mug, near the handle, has the trademarked Starbucks label.

What do black cats symbolize? 

According to a medieval myth, black cats symbolize Halloween or witchcraft.

Western cultures see black cats as signs of evil omens, witches or humans turned into witches. 

Black cats are seen to be symbols of bad luck, misfortune or death.

A common belief is that if you come across a black cat, you need to spit three times over your left shoulder and say “touch the wood” as it is believed to help keep the good luck, according to Slide Player.

Does Starbucks have more Halloween items?

On, a Halloween collection is available to celebrate the “spooky season” which highlights “a sneaky black cat!”

The collection includes:

  • 12oz Halloween Mummy Cat Mug
  • 16oz Halloween Black Cat Stainless Streel Tumbler
  • 12oz Halloween Black Cat Glass
  • 16oz Halloween Cat Paw Cold Cup
  • Halloween Pumpkin Cat Jar
  • Peek A Boo Jar
  • Black Cat Bearista Bear

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice menu is on it’s way.

No one is totally sure when it will be officially dropping but there are a few hints and indicators.

If trends continue from previous years, we could anticipate the 2021 menu launching on August 24.

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