Horrific video of police attacking defenceless protestors during the Paris riots
6th December 2018

Shocking footage of police attacking protestors during the Paris riots has emerged.

Violent scenes from last Saturday show so-called Yellow Vest fuel price demonstrators inside a Burger King fast food restaurant in Avenue Wagram, close to the Arc de Triomphe.

Men and women – who take their name from the high visibility jackets all motorists have to carry in France – cover their heads with their hands as blows rain down.

Police shout "get out, get out" as they force their victims on to the ground, and repeatedly assault them.

When the police realise that journalists are filming them, they let the Yellow Vests go, and turn their anger on those with cameras.

Horz-Zone Press (Out of the Zone Press), the online news outlet that posted the video on YouTube, appealed for witness to the attacks to come forward.

The unnamed filmer said the Yellow Vests had taken refuge inside the Burger King at around 7pm, because of the amount of tear gas on the street outside.

They said the CRS (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité) blasted more gas inside the Burger King, before moving in. Nobody was arrested.

There was no initial reaction to the appearance of the video from the CRS, or from Paris police or prosecutors.

Paris was reduced to a warzone by anti-government protests on Saturday, and the police had lost control of many areas by 7pm.

Another brutal video showed officers chasing down another man in Rue de Beri, also close to the Arc de Triomphe, and just off the Champs Elysee.

The unnamed man covers his head with his hands as other police join in, and they can be heard telling him to ‘shut your mouth’ as the violence intensifies.

Beyond hitting the man, they kick him in sensitive areas, and stamp on his head.

The arrested man – who has not been identified – was eventually handcuffed and then taken away.

The videos have been shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook, after President Emmanuel Macron praised France’s security forces for their response to the riots.

There were more than 400 arrests and up to a 100 serious injuries during an orgy of violence across the city that lasted more than 12 hours on Saturday.

Looters and thugs wearing masks and carrying clubs and axes rampaged through luxury boutiques, chemists and supermarkets.

The current spate of violence – which has spread to other towns and cities – is considered the worst since the Spring of 1968 which almost brought down President Charles de Gaulle’s government.

President Macron has already announced an end to green taxes on fuel over the next six months in an attempt to appease the Yellow Vests, and stop the riots.

But still furious protestors have pledged to demonstrate in huge numbers in cities such as Paris this coming Saturday.

President Macron has already condemned social media posts calling on protestors to deliberately attack the police.

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