Hitler was hypochondriac afraid of sore throat that would stop rants, doc said
5th June 2022

ADOLF Hitler was a hypochondriac who was terrified of getting a sore throat that would stop him ranting, doctors letters have revealed.

The letters were discovered by the great-grandson of Carl Otto von Eicken, who was the Nazi leader’s German ear, nose and throat specialist, for 10 years from 1935.

In one extract, shared by NZZ am Sonntag newspaper, the Swiss physician detailed how her treated Hitler for voice problems.

The letter showed how Hitler had a serious fear of illness that could hinder his ability to lead.

According to the extract, the Naxi dictator told the doctor told the doctor "If there is something bad, I absolutely have to know," following their first consultation in May 1935.

The Swiss outlet also claimed how the letters highlighted Hitler’s fascination with his voice, which he used to great effect in whipping up support for the regime.

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So much so that an operation to remove a polyp, a potentially fatal small growth from membrane, was postponed until after a speech.

Eicken reportedly advised Hitler he needed to rest his voice after the procedure, according to the extract.

Prudently, the letters also detailed the echnage the phycsian had with Rusain inerrogators after Berlin was captured in 1945.

When asked why he did not kill Hitler, a man responsible for the deaths of millions in the World War Two and the Holocaust, von Eicken replied "I was his doctor, not his murderer."

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In the years leading to his eventual demise, Hitler was surrounded by physcians who reportedly worked hard to stem his fuelling drug addiction.

One German historian, Norman Ohler, described him as a “super-junkie” as he was routinely injected with cocaine, methamphetamine and a heroin-like opiate called Eukodol.

In one harrowing extract seen by the New York Post, Ohler describes how “Hitler’s veins were so wrecked” by late 1944 that even his personal physician, Dr Theo Morell, “could hardly penetrate them”.

When he finally did manage to break the skin, “it actually made a crunching noise.”

An extract from Dr Morell’s journal reads: “I cancelled injections today, to give the previous puncture holes a chance to heal.

“Left inside elbow good, right still has red dots (but not pustules), where injections were given.”

According to Olher, Dr Morell slowly started adding ingredients to his daily injections as Hitler got his first taste of oxycodone before a big meeting with Benito Mussolini.

Hitler eventually began to depend on the “heightened feeling(s) that corresponded so perfectly to his own image of greatness — and that reality no longer supplied,” Ohler wrote.

Hitler’s body was reportedly ravaged by his substance abuse and it is claimed he struggled to attend military meetings unless he was high.

He added that, as the war became more stressful and victory less certain, he needed a bigger kick, and moved on to harder drugs after first taking injections of steroids and animal hormones to help with his dwindling energy and digestive problems.

Although it’s widely believed that Hitler suffered from Parkinson’s disease during the final days of his life, Ohler speculated that he was actually suffering from the symptoms of withdrawal.

Medication was increasingly difficult to come by “because the factories [had] been bombed out.”

Without the drugs to prop him up, “all that was left behind was a shell of a man whose uniform was spattered with rice gruel.”

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