Hither Green burglar Henry Vincent's dad sells farmhouse for £1.5million after buying it for just £325,000 from OAP
24th September 2020

THE Hither Green thief Henry Vincent's dad sold a farmhouse for a whopping £1.5million after buying it for just £325,000, it has been reported today.

Rosemary Vincent, whose son was fatally stabbed by an elderly homeowner in a failed 2018 raid, bought the five-bedroom home in Hollingbourne, Kent the same year.

The Grade II Snagbrook Farm and surrounding 61-acres of land has now sold in an online auction to a mystery buyer for a whopping £1.5million, the MailOnline has revealed.

Mrs Vincent, who is married to Henry Vincent Snr, bought the property from landowner Dudley Wright.

She first met Mr Wright in 2016 her handyman husband Henry offered to jobs around the house.

It is understood the Vincents moved in while Mr Wright ended up living in a caravan on land near the house and he hasn't been seen since.

The 74-year-old farmer agreed to sell his property in five separate plots – each costing £65,000.

In 2019, Mrs Vincent transferred the property to her husband's name.

Locals have expressed their anger at the £1.5million sale and have accused the Vincents of taking advantage of Mr Wright.

Chris, who ran the village shop, told the MailOnline: "The whole thing is a disgrace and should be properly investigated.

"A pensioner was taken advantage of and these people have made a hefty profit in a very short period of time. It all smells very rotten to me."

The couple's son Henry, 37, was living on the property when he robbed the home of Richard Osborn-Brooks in Hither Green.

The burglary ending up getting stabbed with his own screwdriver during a scuffle with the 78-year-old former RAC officer manger.

Henry died after he staggering onto the pavement.


Mr Osborn-Brooke was initially arrested on suspicion of murder but was clear of any wrong-doing.

Henry's death sparked protest from the traveller community, which his family belong to.

Mr Osborn-Brooke and his wife were forced to sell their three-bedroom home after having multiple threats made against them.

The Snagbrook Farm now has an overgrown driveway and a padlock over the gate.

The sudden sale has also raised concerned about Mr Wright.

One local told the MailOnline: "We haven't got a clue where Dudley is and it's a mystery that's got us all talking.

"He was always a bit of a recluse and didn't really have any friends in the village so I just hope he's OK."

There are rumours within the village that Mr Wright was taken to Ashford or Sittingbourne by Mrs Vincent's husband and that he may still be living there. 

Snagbrook Farm was put up for sale this week by Clive Emson auctioneers.

Kevin Gilbert of Clive Emson told MailOnline it was sold to an undisclosed buyer from Kent and that the deeds were in the name of Mr Vincent and the property was sold on his behalf.

The main farmhouse is believed to date back to the 16th century and the site also includes a smaller bungalow, three barns, a mobile unit and a spring water-fed lake.

It is not known where the Vincents have moved to.

The family has reportedly been known to take advantage of the elderly.

One victim was said to have been charged £72,000 to repair a single roof tile.

In 2003, Vincent senior, now 61, was described as the leader of a family gang of builders who had scammed elderly householders of more than £1million.

Their tricks included showingrotten pieces of wood they brought themselves to convince elderly homeowners they needed repairs.

The gang of seven were jailed for a total or nearly 30 years.

Vincent senior was sentenced to five-and-a-half years.

In 2008, he swindled an 81-year-old man out of £72,000 for roof repairs and was caught in September 2010 and jailed for six years in August 2011.   

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