Hilarious moment Denver man flips his $13,000 motorized trike
12th November 2021

Hilarious moment man loses control of his $13,000 motorized trike and flips it before falling off while showing off the new vehicle in a Denver skatepark

  • The Colorado man was riding around Denver’s D Park on his 2022 Can-Am Ryker
  • He lost control of the $13,000 vehicle, hilariously flipping it after showing off 
  • The rider was left red-faced as onlookers began to laugh at the funny scenes

This is the hilarious moment a man showing off on a brand new Trike, loses control of the vehicle causing it to flip and leaving the man red-faced and bruised.

The funny footage was captured at the D Park in Denver on Saturday 30th October, 2021 by Tim Miller.

In the video we see the man riding around the skatepark, showing off by purposely fishtailing on his 2022 Can-Am Ryker – which start at £10,000.

Motorised vehicles are not supposed to be used in skateparks as they can damage the equipment.

The man, dressed in a plaid shirt and stonewash jeans, even throws up hand signals to the camera as he passes Tim who is filming.

The man in Denver, Colorado quickly lost control of the motorbike as he tried to show off the new vehicle to his filming friend in the skatepark

The hilarious footage shows the driver clinging onto the handlebars of the $13,000 2022 Can-Am Ryker before he eventually flips the vehicle over entirely

The man was left red-faced by the incident after he was earlier seen throwing up hand signals to his friend Tim, who was filming

Then suddenly after bouncing down some steps he builds up too much speed and falls down a steep ramp.

The fall unseats the man, and he foolishly tries to grab onto the handlebars, accidentally twisting the throttle as he does so.

The vehicle bounced down some steps as the driver built up too much speed and he fell down a steel ramp

Earlier in the footage the man can be seen making passing glances to his cameraman trying to look cool

This is known as ‘whiskey throttling’ and it causes the bike to accelerate with little control over the vehicle.

The vibrations cause the man to lose his mobile phone whilst he’s in the Superman position.

He then blasts up another ramp, whipping his head round causing his cap and sunglasses to fall off his head.

He continues to spin round on the spot, desperately tries to cling on but the trike flips over sending him flying and disappearing into a bowl.

The embarassed rider could only grin at the camera after his new vehicle had flipped over

The man stands up and bares his teeth in total embarrassment as to what has just happened.

Valerian.projects wrote: “I honestly just laughed so fkin hard.”

Firexneck said: “I absolutely cannot stop laughing.”

Whilst dreadridinghood just commented: “Top tier content.”

Tim posted it on his Instagram @timm-stagram where it’s been viewed over a million times and shared on multiple other pages.

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