Here's what to do if your $600 stimulus debit card was lost, stolen or tossed in the garbage
14th January 2021

IF your $600 stimulus debit card was lost, stolen or tossed in the garbage, not all is lost.

The IRS says you can get the stimulus check replaced – and it won't come at a cost to you.

Debit cards and checks arrive in plain envelopes – leading some to mistakenly toss them out with the junk mail.

"My mom got her stimulus in the form of a debit card and she thought it was just another credit card so she cut it into a bunch of little pieces and realized what it was after she threw it away," one user wrote on Twitter.

If you happen to mistakenly toss out the coronavirus check or debit card, payment, misplace it, or it's stolen, the IRS says there's a fix for that.

The IRS said you can request a replacement – completely free.

"To request a replacement call 800-240-8100," the IRS instructs on its site.

A person will then have to select a language, followed by "option 2."

After entering the last four digits of the social security number for the person listed first on their tax return, the person can then get a replacement.

For those expecting a check via direct deposit, the IRS also advises ensuring the right bank account information is on file.

If someone is unsure about the status of their check, they can use the IRS' Get My Payment tool to track it.

For those who don't get a payment by January 15, the IRS has steps people can take to ensure they get their $600.

As many Americans are still waiting on their $600 payments, there's hope that a third round of checks may be sent out.

When Joe Biden takes office on January 20 and Democrats take the majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer is said to be prioritizing $2,000 payments as a "first order of business."

"Democrats wanted to do much more in the last bill and promised to do more, if given the opportunity, to increase direct payments to a total of $2,000 — we will get that done," Schumer said in a letter to colleagues, according to Fox Business.

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