'Gunman' who shot golf pro Gene Siller dead at Georgia's Pine Tree Country Club after killing two others is arrested
9th July 2021

A MAN was arrested in the shooting death of golf pro Gene Siller and two others at Pinetree Country Club in Georgia on Saturday.

Police said that they arrested Bryan Anthony Rhoden, 23, of Atlanta on Thursday for fatally shooting Siller, Paul Pierson, and Henry Valdez.

During a Thursday press conference, Cobb County Police Chief Tim Cox said Rhoden would face three counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of kidnapping.

Detectives are still interviewing the suspect and more charges may be incoming, Cox said.

Siller was found shot dead on the golf course on Saturday afternoon.

When police went to investigate, they found a Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck with the bodies of Valdez, 46, and Pierson, 76, in the back.

Pierson was the owner of the truck, cops said.

Police believe that Siller was not an intended target, but was killed after he witnessed an ongoing crime.

The suspect's link to the other two victims and a possible motive are still under investigation.

"As this remains an active case and investigation, we will be limited on the amount of information or details we can release," Cox said.

"But with the suspect in custody, our investigation will continue to work the case to its completion and move it forward to the Cobb County District Attorney's Office for prosecution."

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