Grace Millane 'killer posed as playboy businessman on Tinder to date Brit backpackers'
11th December 2018

The suspect – who cannot be named for legal reasons – appeared in court today accused of murdering the 22-year-old in New Zealand.

He saw himself as a businessman and liked to meet women on Tinder, it is claimed.

The 26-year-old allegedly called Grace “beautiful, very radiant” on social media just 11 minutes before she was seen alive for the last time, entering a hotel with a man.

Pals said he had moved into an apartment in the CityLife hotel in Auckland, New Zealand, after getting cash from his grandparents.

A family friend said he dated a number of British backpackers and liked “the admiration of young females”.

Earlier today he appeared at a 90-minute hearing in Auckland district court. He did not make a plea.

Prosecutors said the accused wrote under Grace’s photo at 9.29pm local time on December 1.  She was seen with a man at the hotel at 9.40pm.

They claim he killed the millionaire’s daughter that night or the next day – her 22nd birthday. Her body was discovered on Sunday, 20 miles away in Waitakere Ranges.

Judge Evanglos Thomas told Grace’s family: “I don’t know what to say to you at this time, but your grief must be desperate.

"We all hope justice will be fair and swift and ultimately brings you some peace.”

Afterwards pals told how the accused went to live with his grandparents when his parents split. Around eight years ago he moved to Sydney, Australia, where his mum lives.

A family friend said he returned to New Zealand two years ago and lived on his gran's sofa.

They said: “He tried to dress as a  businessman and impress everyone.”

His grandfather added: “He was a nice kid, but he sort of fell out with everybody.”


Earlier it was claimed he was asked to leave a home he shared with three other women over his behaviour.

Reports from New Zealand claim the 26-year-old started to make his new flatmates feel uncomfortable.

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