‘Gorilla Glue girl’ Tessica Brown reveals why she put glue in her hair
17th February 2021

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Tessica Brown, the TikToker who went viral for slathering her hair in Gorilla Glue, has revealed the real reason she used the sticky substance — she needed her mane perfectly slicked into place for a date. 

In early January, Brown had plans to hang out by a lake near her sister’s house with her fiancé Dewitt and was in a rush to get out of the house, she told The Post Wednesday during an interview on Zoom. 

“We was leaving so I mean I went to go spray the Got2B glue and air came out of it… so now I’m looking around the whole house, I have to find something you know for these flyaways,” Brown, 40, recounted. 

“We was going on the lake so I know I couldn’t deal with those flyaways, it wasn’t going to work, not sitting on the lake.” 

Brown said she “ran in the kitchen, ran past the refrigerator” and sitting atop was the quick fix solution she thought would fix her hair — a can of sprayable Gorilla Glue. 

“I’m like you know what? I can use this and as soon as I come home I can take it off, you know wash it out,” she went on. 

“That is not what happened.” 

She sprayed the glue in her hair and then, as part of her normal routine, blow dried the industrial adhesive, which cemented it to her scalp, and flew out the door, thinking all was fine. 

After a blissful afternoon by the lake with her beau, Brown came home to shower and realized the sticky situation she was now in. 

“Listen it did not come out, the water was dripping off of it like it was the shower curtain. It was bad business,” Brown recalled. 

“I was scared to even call my momma, I didn’t call my momma for like a week.” 

At first, she figured she’d try again the next day and that it would come out. 

“I kept saying I’m not going to panic yet,” she said.

But as the days passed, and her hair remained completely stuck, she realized she had a problem on her hands and finally caved to call her mom and ask for help. 

“She was here in like zero point two seconds,” Brown laughed. 

“We even tried cooking oil, we tried every oil at the store.” 

All the while, Brown was in agony. 

“The pony tail that I did have, it was like somebody was tightening it, tightening it everyday everyday. It felt like red ants were on the inside, I can’t get under it,” Brown said. 

“I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating, everything was pretty much trying to get this off my head, i lost between 10 and 15 pounds,” she continued. 

“[I thought] that i was going to lose all my hair, have scalp damage and wasn’t going to be able to grow it back.” 

Luckily, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Micheal Obeng caught wind of Brown’s hairy plight and managed to save her locks during an hours long procedure in Beverly Hills last week. 

Also, luckily, Brown says she is still engaged despite getting stuck in the sticky situation.

She’s been ordered to not put anything in her hair for the next six weeks but said she plans to keep things simple once she’s completely healed up. 

“I’m going to rock this natural look or a wig.” 

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