‘Gorgeousness coach’ claims he still gets ID’d at 47 and reveals his secrets
15th December 2018

A self-titled ‘gorgeousness coach’ has revealed the secrets to keeping young as he reveals he still gets asked for ID – despite saying he’s closing in on his 50th birthday.

Tristan Lee, who lives between London and Hertfordshire, is a life and health coach who believes he is an expert in helping people feel and look younger.

However his services come at a price as Tristan charges around £300 per month for one-to-one sessions.

Standing at 5ft 7in, he describes himself as 47, having a boyish face and of slim build with a head of his own hair.

He also tells Fabulous that he takes good care of his skin – and may not get away with looking so young if he were more burly.

The image coach revealed how he attended a school reunion aged 40 with former classmates that he had not seen in 24 years.

However they were shocked to find that he looked just like he had at school – which inspired him to impart his knowledge on looking young to other people.

Tristan’s dedicated skin care routine began when he was 16-years-old as he was prone to breakouts.

Since then he has kept up a full regime in the morning and at night to ensure his ‘oily skin’ is kept under control.

Tristan told Fabulous: "It used to be quite annoying because no-one took me seriously, they thought I was a kid, even in my 20s.

"Then when I got older it became kind of funny.

"For me it isn’t just about how I look, it’s about feeling young and a lot of that’s to do with attitude and being open and playful and trying not to let things get me down.

"It used to be a joke, then it was a party piece and then it became I business. I thought ‘I might as well work with it!’"

The majority of Tristan’s clients are women however he also has men that come to him for advice too.

They range from dancers, singers and even a naked cleaner and mainly seek advice for weight loss and anti-aging advice.

The happily single published author claims he even helped one woman lose nine stone thanks to his advice.

And Tristan puts his youthful looks down to diet, exercise and his skin routine although he does admit he does get yearly botox treatments.

Other tips include dressing your age, dancing, having fun and using a good suncream.

The image coach also lists veganism as anti-aging, as well as being around friends, getting enough sleep and avoiding yo-yo diets.

Tristan also advises clients not to have plastic surgery but only as a last resort, and to go for a subtle procedure if needed.

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