Google searches for 'move to Canada' skyrocket during 's**tshow' debate between Trump and Biden
30th September 2020

GOOGLE searches for "move to Canada" skyrocketed on Tuesday night during the "s**tshow" 2020 presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Frustrated citizens of the United States searched "how to apply for Canadian citizenship" as the debate featured Biden repeatedly insulting the President and Trump frequently interrupting the Democrat hopeful.

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Google Trends gave insight into the minds of some voters as Trump and Biden argued at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

The "How to apply for Canadian citizenship" inquiry peaked at approximately 10:30pm, as the fiery debate came to an end.

The query also surged again, and even higher, at around 4am on Wednesday morning.

Massachusetts had the most inquiries for obtaining Canadian citizenship, followed by Washington state, Michigan, and Illinois.

"Move to Canada" and "how to move to Canada" were also popular search questions across the nation.

The top four states that had the most searches for "Move to Canada" were Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, and Wyoming.

"Relocation" was also a popular word used in google searches, in the District of Columbia, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Other popular search terms during the debate were "Canadian Nationality Law," "O Canada," "How to move to Canada from USA," and Canada's Prime Minister "Justin Trudeau."

The seemingly out-of-control debate was moderated by news anchor Chris Wallace.

The journalist has been criticized for "losing control" of the event.

Embarrassed international viewers took to social media to share their feelings about the debate – which was called “a chaotic and vicious show" by Spanish newspaper El Pais.

"I’m really glad that Europe slept through that last night. Let’s just keep this whole thing quiet, ok. Looking at you, Canada," someone wrote to Twitter on Wednesday morning.

Another tweeted: "This is a 90 minute commercial for Canada."

In Switzerland, Meret Baumann wrote in Neue Zuercher Zeitung: “The spiteful presidential debate portrayed a country that is no longer capable even of a dignified dispute.”

CNN correspondent Dana Bash denounced the debate as "a s**tshow."

Speaking on a panel Tuesday night, she said: "We’re on cable. We can say it. Apologies for being crude. But that is really the phrase I’m getting from people on both sides of the aisle on text and the only phrase I can think of to describe it.”

Despite people questioning whether they should move to Canada, coronavirus travel restrictions are still in place.

"United States and Canada have a mutual agreement to restrict non-essential travel across our shared border," according to the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Canada.

"The current agreement runs through October 21. For more information, see our fact sheet."

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