George H.W. Bush’s eight grandsons serve as pallbearers at 2nd funeral
7th December 2018

George H.W. Bush’s eight grandsons serve as honorary pallbearers at his Houston funeral as all 17 of his grandchildren mourn their beloved ‘Gampy’

  • George Prescott Bush, John Ellis Bush, Jr., Pierce Mallon Bush, Charles Walker Bush, Samuel Bush LeBlond, Robert Daniel Koch, Robert Pace Andrews II and Thomas Alexander Andrews served as pallbearers 
  • They walked in front of George H.W. Bush’s casket as it was carried into the church by members of the military
  • All 17 of the Bush grandchildren attended the service with their spouses and they took a central role 
  • Oldest grandson George P. Bush was among the eulogists and six granddaughters gave bible readings 
  • At the end of the service, twins Jenna and Barbara reached for each other to talk out of hand in hand 
  • After the service, George H.W. will be buried at Texas’s A&M University next to his beloved wife Barbara  

George H.W. Bush’s eight grandsons served as honorary pall bearers at his Houston funeral on Thursday, walking solemnly in front of his flag-draped casket as it was led into the church ahead of a second, memorial service for the former president.

Thursday’s service was smaller than the state funeral held in Washington DC at the  National Cathedral where foreign dignitaries, royalty and all five living presidents came together in grief to pay tribute to George H.W.

All 17 of the Bush grandchildren attended that service but their role on Thursday was more prominent. 

The grandsons – George Prescott Bush, John Ellis Bush, Jr., Pierce Mallon Bush, Charles Walker Bush, Samuel Bush LeBlond, Robert Daniel Koch, Robert Pace Andrews II and Thomas Alexander Andrews – did not carry their grandfather’s casket. That honor belonged to members of the military. 

Granddaughters Barbara Bush, Marshall Bush, Noelle Bush, Elizabeth Dwen Andrews, Nancy Ellis LeBlond Sosa and Georgia Grace Ellis Koch gave bible readings. None of George H.W.’s children spoke at Thursday’s service. 

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The grandsons were solemn as they walked out of the church. At the front is George Prescott Bush and his brother John Ellis Bush, Jr

George H.W. Bush’s eight grandsons stand in front of his casket, ready to walk it to the altar, for his funeral in Houston, Texas, on Thursday 

Twins Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush held hands as they left the church after the emotional service 

The first readings on Thursday were from four of the granddaughters; Marshall Bush, Barbara Bush, Noelle Bush and Elizabeth Dwen Andrews, Neil Bush’s stepdaughter.  

George H.W. Bush died last Friday at home in Houston aged 94 

George Prescott Bush, Jeb Bush’s son, George H.W.’s oldest grandson, eulogized their grandfather. 

His eulogy echoed those of the previous day which described the former president as a devoted family man and steadfast leader. 

George Prescott described receiving letters from his ‘Gampy’ that were addressed to him, his cousins and his siblings, which told them how much he loved them and would always be there for them. 

‘I stand before you as the oldest grandson of the man I simply knew as Gampy.

‘We are here to give thanks for this extraordinary life but I’d like to talk about some of the things that he was thankful for. 

‘The things that to him, mattered most. My grandfather was thankful for his family,’ he said. 

He told a heartwarming story of them playing on an imaginary boat while he was campaigning to become president and how George H.W. wrote about it later in a letter to him.  

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‘”P,” The letter read. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot. The most fun was the big rock boat. Climbing out on it, watching you and Noelle play on it. Near the end of summer when the moon was full, tides were high.

“There was that special day when it almost seemed like the boat was real.” In those few words my grandfather said more about his life than I could ever tell you this morning. 

‘Here’s a man gearing up for the role of a lifetime and yet his mind went to his family…he still found time to write about an imaginary boat that he built with his grandson,’ he said. 

Marshal Bush gives a reading at her grandfather, George H.W. Bush’s funeral in Houston, Texas, with cousins Barbara Bush (right), Noelle Bush (back center) and Elizabeth Dwen Andrews (left) 

Barbara Bush, the former first daughter, was emotional as she began a reading of Psalm 23 

Barbara Bush gave a reading with her cousins, l-r: Elizabeth Dwen Andrews, Noelle Bush (behind Barbara) and Marshall Bush 

Noelle Bush holds hands with her cousin Barbara while their step-cousin, Elizabeth Dwen Andrews, gives a reading. Behind them stands Marshall Bush 

As children, he said, the grandchildren would wait for the ‘coast was clear’ then fight to ‘snag a spot’ on their grandfather’s bed after he had been given security briefings as president. 

‘In a typical day he’d wake up at around 5am to review security briefings and grab his first cup of coffee for the day. 

‘Then, when the coast was clear, the grandkids would try to snag a spot on the bed and nestle up next to him and Ganny while they read the paper.

‘We all grew up in awe of my grandfather. A larger than life figure who we’d catch fly-fishing off the rocks of Maine where the bluefish were running,’ he said. 

Recalling his grandfather’s competitive instinct, he won a laugh from the congregation by describing how he ‘challenged all the grandkids to the coveted “first to sleep award”‘.  

In an email he sent to all his grandchildren after leaving public service, he wrote: ‘The only thing wrong with the last five months is that none of you were here enough. 

‘Next year, promise this old gampster that you’ll spend more time with us here by the sea. 

‘As you know I’ve had to give up fly fishing off the rocks here in Maine but there are plenty of wonderful things to do. I think of you all an awful lot. 

Elizabeth Dwen Andrews and Noelle Pierce Bush, two of George H.W.’s granddaughters, read from the bible at his funeral 

Nancy Ellis LeBlond Sosa, Dorothy Bush’s daughter with her first husband, and her half-sister, Georgia Grace Kotch, Dorothy’s daughter with her second husband, read from the bible at his funeral 

Nancy Ellis Blond reads from the bible at her grandfather’s funeral. Between the two funerals on Wednesday and Thursday, all of his nine granddaughters spoke 

George Prescott Bush, the oldest grandson, gave a moving eulogy where he paid tribute to his beloved ‘Gampy’ 

George Prescott Bush places a loving hand on his grandfather’s casket after delivering a eulogy at his funeral on Thursday 

Members of the Bush family, from L-R; Neil Bush with his first wife Sharon, George W. Bush with his wife Laura, Margaret and Marvin Bush, Bobby Koch and Dorothy Bush Koch and Jeb Bush with his wife Columba and their three children, far right. George H.W. and his beloved wife Barbara are pictured, center, in front of the family’s home in Kennebunkport 

The Bush children lead their children out of St Martin’s Episcopal Church in Texas on Thursday after the funeral for George H.W. Bush 

The Bush family leaves St Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas, after the funeral of George H.W. Bush 

After the funeral, the family traveled to Spring, Texas, to watch as George H.W.’s body was loaded onto a locomotive train to be taken to College Station where he will be buried 


George W. and Laura Bush 

Children: Twins Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush, 37 

Jeb Bush and his wife Columba 

Children: George Prescott Bush, Noelle Bush, John Ellis Bush Jr. 

Pauline Robinson Bush 1949-1953 

Pauline was the third Bush child. She died aged three from leukemia.  

Neil Bush and his wife Maria Andrews

Children: Neil’s three children from his first marriage are Lauren, Ashley and Pierce. 

His wife has three children from her first marriage who are considered part of the Bush family and who participated in the funeral events.

They are Elizabeth Dwen Andrews,  Robert Pace Andrews II and Thomas Alexander Andrews

Marvin Bush and his wife Margaret 

Children: Charles Walker Bush and Marshall Bush

Dorothy ‘Doro’ Bush and her husband Bobby Koch

Children: Dorothy has two children from her first marriage; Sam and Ellie LeBlond. 

She has another two children with her current husband.

They are Gigi Koch and Robert Koch. 

‘I just wonder how each of you is doing. If you need me I am here for you because I love you very much.’ 

At the end of his eulogy, George Prescott, who is the son of Jeb and Columba Bush, said: ‘In death, as in life, my grandfather has won.

‘He has exchanged his earthly burdens for a heavenly home and is at peace. 

‘George Herbert Walker Bush is the most gracious, most decent, most humble man that I will ever know. 

‘It is the honor of a lifetime to share his name. 

‘God bless you Gampy. Until we meet again. 

‘Maybe on that rock boat that we built together.’ 

He took to the pulpit after a tearful James Baker, George H.W.’s secretary of state and best friend who was with him in his final days in Houston. 

Baker sobbed as he finished his dignified and heartfelt speech. 

He was overcome with emotion the previous day, as was former president George W. Bush who buckled into tears as he told of his hope that his father had been reunited with his mother Barbara and their toddler daughter Robin, who died in 1953 from leukemia, in heaven. 

There were also joyful moments, as was the case at Wednesday’s state funeral, and a mix of country music and hymns. 

Reba McEntire performed The Lord’s Prayer and country music band The Oak Ridge Boys sang Amazing Grace.  

The Bush family sing during the funeral of George H.W. Bush at St Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas, on Thursday 

George W. Bush kisses James Baker, former Secretary of State, after his moving eulogy to George H.W. Bush 

George H.W.’s body was taken on a Union Pacific locomotive to his final resting place in College Station, Texas, where his wife is buried, after the service 

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