'Full-time mom' of 11 kids who's spent a DECADE pregnant wants to have four more, but only if her current brood agrees
14th August 2020

A "FULL-TIME MOM" wants to have more kids — even though she already has 11 at home.

Britni Church has spent close to a decade of her 31 years alive being in one trimester or another of pregnancy.

And she's willing to have even more. The Arkansas City, Kansas mom says she's desperate to have more kids and thinks 15 might be her cut off point.

She and her husband Chris spend about $300 a week to feed their family, including buying five boxes of cereal, 66 cartons of milk and 600 diapers.

The mom of 11 says she never thought she would have a big family, but she fell in love with the constant company her already huge family has offered.

"I thought I would have maybe four kids maximum," she said. "

Now she wants four more…at least at the moment.

"I don't think I would ever have more than 15 kids but then again I never thought I'd have 11 kids," she said.

She says 15 is her target and would respect her children's wishes if they object to her having anymore.

"If any of the kids said, 'you can't have anymore,'" she said, "I would accept that it's too much."


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