Freshers' Week carnage across Leeds and Birmingham
23rd September 2021

Woken up with a sore head? Freshers’ Week carnage across Leeds and Birmingham as raucous students drink, dance…and then vomit in the street

  • Madcap antics unfolded last night as students celebrated their return to Uni after more than 18 months
  • Booze-fuelled partygoers mixed and mingled in the streets, despite steep rise in UK Covid cases 
  • Clubbing proved too much for some – as police rescued drunk and passed-out students lying on pavements
  • Freshers’ Week kicked off on Sunday for most universities and continues until Sunday, September 26

Boozy students swarmed to the streets of Leeds and Birmingham last night to indulge in a night of tipsy fun as Freshers’ Week continued.

Heavy clubbing proved too much for some young people, whose drinking and dancing was followed by vomiting in the street.

Some even lay down on pavements before they were helped by police, who checked to see if they well enough to make their own way home. 

One young lady decided enough was enough so threw her friend over her shoulder and carried her home 

These girls were ready for a big night out on the town and donned matching trainers in readiness for the dance floor 

Animal print trousers were the sartorial choice of the night for many, with this young lady pairing hers with Converse and a halter top 

It all got a bit much for some youngsters, who sat themselves down in a doorway after a heavy night of partying 

‘What’s the big deal?’: Leeds University freshers flaunt their fashionable halter neck tops on Wednesday night

Others managed to keep up the fun, as giggling girls were spotted in Leeds city centre linking their arms and can-can dancing – sharing their cheer with other revellers. 

A few students piggy-backed their way through the street, while their fellow learners clung to each other for dear life as they made their way home.

There was plenty of hugging, dancing and group-selfies from students – who were relieved to party once again after more than 18 months of self-learning. 

Bold students proudly took swigs out of their wine bottles in the street as their mates looked on.

Freshers’ Week commenced for most UK universities last Sunday, and is expected to continue until Sunday, September 26. 

Festivities were cancelled for university-goers last year and this time, young people were determined to get their fill of fun.  

Fun and friendships to last a lifetime were also on display as students broke out in cahoots of laughter in the street. 

Mildly warm weather – which reached 20 degrees in Birmingham and 17 degrees in Leeds – helped students wear whatever they liked while out partying.

Fashion-conscious youths showed off the best of summer style by wearing halter neck tops and pastel-coloured mini-dresses. 

Giggling girls were spotted in Leeds city centre linking their arms and can-can dancing – sharing their good cheer with other revellers

One bold student proudly takes a swig out of a bottle in the street as her friends look on

Fun and friendship is still the name of the game in Leeds as students broke out in cahoots of laughter on Wednesday night

Freshers made memories to last a lifetime by taking selfies as they partied on the streets of Leeds before the term begins next week

‘Who says romance is dead’? One gallant beau carries a fellow student along the road in Leeds during a night out on Wednesday

‘You got a friend’: A worn-out reveller on the pavement in Leeds is comforted by friends before heading home for rest

Sleepy time for some and late night texting meant revellers were ready to get a taxi home to bed

Leeds University’s Student Union insists that studying is about ‘so much more than a degree’ – with heaps of events designed to help young people ease into learning. 

‘We can all agree that last year left a lot to be desired,’ the student union stated.

‘This year, we’re making up for it with a jam-packed Freshers’ events programme with endless opportunities to make new friends and try new activities.’

Students yet to be vaccinated have been urged to get their Covid jabs by the NHS in order to curb rising cases across the country.

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, the vice-president for higher education at the National Union of Students, said: ‘It’s great to see the Covid vaccine being made easily available on campus for students – at NUS, we’ve been asking the government to do everything it can to make sure young people can access vaccines easily. 

‘I’d urge everyone who is able to get the vaccine so that we can have a safer time back on campus.’

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