Former Gymnast Has Arm And Leg Amputated In Her Battle With Toxic Shock Syndrome
22nd December 2018

Anna Norquist thought she was coming down with the flu and ended up fighting for her life in ICU.

Anna Norquist, 30, has had to have an arm and a leg amputated as she battles for her life against the deadly toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Already, the former gymnast has had ten surgeries in an effort to get the infection under control. Her family is asking for prayers as Anna continues her fight.

According to Fox News, Anna has already undergone ten surgeries at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital, including the amputation of her right arm and left leg. Today reports that Anna is also scheduled to have her left hand amputated on Friday.

As yet, Anna has no idea of what has happened to her as she spends her time in ICU between surgeries in an “ICU delirium,” according to her brother, Patrick Norquist.

Fox 59 reports that Anna’s problems started the first weekend of December. However, the situation quickly worsened.

“She was in Chicago on a Friday, went to a concert, stayed through Saturday and drove home Sunday,” Anna’s father, Gordon Norquist, said.

“She didn’t feel well and thought she was getting flu-like symptoms. Then, by Monday, she was fighting for her life.”

“It got so bad that after about 24 hours, she couldn’t even lift her head up to take a sip of water,” Anna’s brother today Today. “Her kidneys hurt, she couldn’t urinate.”

Normally, toxic shock syndrome is associated with super absorbency tampons. However, doctors do not believe this the case in Anna’s situation. It is believed that Anna contracted TSS from an infection caused by Streptococcus.

“They don’t know and probably will never know exactly where the infection entered,” Gordon told Fox 59.

“They think it was the right arm and that’s probably why they took it first.”

Anna’s condition was so severe that doctors were surprised she survived at all.

“Doctors said we had an absolute miracle that she lived through what happened,” Patrick told Today.

While it appears that the worst of Anna’s battle to survive is over, it will still be a long and arduous journey for her in the days and months ahead. It is believed that, although Anna is now out of immediate danger, she is still likely to spend another four to six months in hospital as she recovers and learns to adjust to her new life.

“This is going to be a shock for her and a real adjustment,” Gordon said.

The family is asking for continued prayers as Anna transitions into her new life. A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help Anna purchase prosthetic limbs that will aid in her recovery.

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