Florida neurologist accused of slipping pills into date’s drink
5th December 2018

A Florida neurologist was busted this week for allegedly slipping crushed sleeping and anti-anxiety pills into his dinner date’s martini, authorities said.

A customer at the upscale Greek restaurant Ouzo Bay in Boca Raton said they saw Dr. Mircea Morariu pour white powder into a woman’s drink while she was in the bathroom on Sept. 10 and called the cops, WPLG reported.

When the woman, Jeanette Schroeder, 57, returned to the table, she said Morariu had pushed her drink toward her and told her he wanted her to finish it. He also moved her water glass farther away, according to the outlet.

Because she seemed to be slightly incoherent, the woman was taken to Boca Raton Hospital as a precaution.

Cops interrogated Morariu, 50, at the scene as he left the bathroom but he denied doing anything wrong. They found a Ziploc bag in the men’s bathroom trash can with traces of zolpidem and alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax and Ambien.

Morariu was arrested Monday at the Jupiter, Florida, eatery The Woods’ — owned by golf legend Tiger Woods — on charges of poisoning food or water with intent to kill or cause injury. Cops said it took months to arrest him because they were waiting on a toxicology report.

The woman said she’d known the doctor for 20 years and they reconnected recently after she learned that he was engaged.

Morariu, a neurologist with the Florida Neurological Center in Delray Beach, will be released from Palm Beach County jail to enter an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, a judge ruled Tuesday, according to WPTV.

He was ordered not to have any contact with the alleged victim.

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