Florida man scuffles with cops as mugshot taken in arrest on WEDDING DAY for DUI as he shouts 'all hail Donald Trump'
4th September 2021

A "DRUNK" groom was pictured scuffling with cops as his mugshot was taken after he arrested on his wedding day as he yelled "all hail Donald Trump".

Nicholas Ruthenberg, 25, was taken into custody after allegedly driving the wrong way down a street and crashing into a car in Vero Beach, Florida, on Monday afternoon – just hours after he tied the knot.

Ruthenberg fled from the scene on foot, but he was soon detained by cops and taken to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office.

The other driver was rushed to hospital with "neck, back, and leg pain".

Cops soon learned Ruthenberg had tied the knot just a few blocks from the scene of the the crash, and thought he appeared to be drunk. 

Ruthenburg, a registered Democrat, yelled "all hail Donald Trump" as he arrived at the Sheriff's Office and refused to pose for a mugshot, according to court records obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Bizarre photos taken show handlers struggling to get the topless suspect to hold still for the camera. 

The pictures show several people, with different coloured gloves, desperately trying to get Ruthenburg to keep his head straight and pose for the mugshot.

He then returned a blood alcohol level reading of 0.0, so police asked him for a urine sample to "determine the presence of chemical or controlled substances".

According to the arrest report, he "started to take his pants off and spread his buttocks".

He then "placed two fingers in his own anus" before cops quickly put him back in handcuffs.

A detective said Ruthenberg's erratic behavior "was consistent with someone under the influence of some kind of stimulant".

Ruthenberg was charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident causing serious bodily injury.

He was released from the county jail on Wednesday after posting $2,000 bond.

Ruthenberg will return to the same courthouse for his arraignment, scheduled for October 1. 

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