Five men arrested for ‘sexually abusing woman at Spanish nudist beach’

Five men are arrested for ‘sexually abusing woman at a nudist beach in Valencia then attempting to run her over’

  • Men aged between 45 and 50 allegedly confronted woman near a nudist beach 
  • Gang shouted phrases of a sexual nature and groped her backside, she claims
  • When the woman went to get help the men tried to run her over, local media says
  • Police have arrested five men who are due to appear before a judge Tuesday 

Five men have been arrested after a woman claimed they sexually abused her at a nudist beach in Spain. 

The men, all aged between 45 and 50, are accused of launching their attack on the 40-year-old woman in Mareny de San Lorenzo, 15 miles south of Valencia, on June 15.

The woman said she went to the beach to sunbathe and relax but decided to leave after noticing a group of men spying on people from the dunes. 

A woman in her 40s claims she was verbally abused and sexually assaulted by a group of five men as she left this nudist beach in Mareny de San Lorenzo, south of Valencia, on June 15

She claims she was walking along a wooden boardwalk between the beach and a car park when two of the men began following her and shouting degrading comments of a sexual nature.

She sped up to get away from the men when three others joined in with the abuse, according to a police complaint seen by Las Provincias.

The woman claims the men, some of whom were naked, surrounded her and one of them touched her backside.

She managed to escape and ran towards the car park where she got help from another couple walking nearby, it is reported.

When the men saw her speaking with the couple they allegedly climbed into a car and went to drive away. 

But as they went to leave, the woman claims they began driving erratically and tried to run her over.

The woman said she managed to get inside her own car and drove to a local police station, where she reported the attack.

She provided officers with the licence plate number from their car and gave descriptions of two of the men, before officers started their search.

Investigators subsequently managed to identify and arrest five men they believe are responsible, and say four of them have criminal records.

All five were arrested on Saturday and have been released ahead of their first court appearance, which is expected on Tuesday. 

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