Fidel Castro’s model grandson shows wealth through European vacations
5th January 2019

Rich kid of Communism: Fidel Castro’s model grandson flashes his wealth and love of the high life on Instagram as he travels the world

  • Tony Castro flashed his family’s wealth with a bevy of photos on social media
  • South Florida-based media outlets covering the Cuban community revealed the  images this week before the island’s 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
  • Castro shared pictures of his trips to Barcelona and Spain, and also Mexico, which he visited twice in 2018 during consecutive months
  • Castro’s once-public Instagram account in now private. He has about 1,000 followers who can still see his posts 

Fidel Castro’s grandson has been on the receiving end of negative comments after photos surfaced of the young man flaunting the family’s wealth on social media.

Various South Florida-based media outlets covering the Cuban community came across Tony Castro’s snaps just days before the Communist island celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, led by his grandfather who would later rule for five decades before dying in 2016.

The lives of the former Cuban leader’s immediate family members have always been somewhat of a secret to the outside world.  

Tony Castro, who is in his 20s, managed to keep a low profile despite being active on Instagram.

But the Miami Herald  and other media organizations got  hold of some photos that today are only visible by his 1,300 followers.

Just days before welcoming 2018, Tony Castro, grandson of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, jetted off to Madrid to celebrate the end of the Christmas holiday season

Fidel Castro’s grandson flashes the family’s wealth while sunbathing aboard a yacht in the middle of the ocean

Not too much is known about the secret lives that the former Cuban ruler’s family lives, but his grandson was publicly criticized this week after his Instagram photos made news

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On an island where bread, eggs and other basic foods have become scarce – an issue the current regime blames on the United States government imposed embargo – Tony Castro showed off his taste for fine liquors and foods during an uncle’s birthday celebration. 

The young man shared a photo during a night out in Havana after having a meal with his mother Lissete Ulloa, and a photograph of himself behind the wheels of a BMW.

Traveling the globe and documenting it has always been at the top of his list. 

One of his trips led him to Panama City in April 2017, according to America Teve.

Fidel Castro’s grandson takes a BMW out for a spin. His Instagram photos created a negative wave of comments

After visiting Madrid towards the end of 2017, Tony Castro went back to Spain to visit Barcelona in July 2018

Fidel Castro’s grandson (pictured right with a female acquaintance) made his Instagram account private this week after South Florida media outlets covering the Cuban community published some of his photos that show off a luxurious style of living 

Tony Castro has over 1,000 followers on his private Instagram account

Tony Castro goes out for a stroll with his mother Lissete Ulloa (right) in Havana

Tony Castro (right) enjoys a day with the family while celebrating his uncle’s (left) birthday

He’s also been a regular visitor of Spain, which maintains a bilateral relationship with the Caribbean communist government.

According to his private Instagram account, Castro posted a picture of his trip to Madrid, in December 2017, just days before the year came to a close.

In July 2018, the youngster, who has always shown an affinity for the world of fashion, was once again spotted in Spain, this time in Barcelona while checking out the scene near La Sagrada Familia, the famed unfinished Roman Catholic church.

But Mexico perhaps was the jet setter’s favorite destination in all of 2018. 

Castro visited the hip tourist attraction, Isla del Carmen with a female acquaintance in March and the following month returned, sharing a scenic shot of himself sitting with an ancient Mayan temple in the background.

One twitter user, Juan Gallardo, said Cuba’s current president Miguel Diaz-Canel is standing there like a ‘mannequin’ while people ‘are suffering from repression, hunger, lies, humiliations and miseries. Who is paying for all of Tony Castro’s… luxuries, riches and comfort?’

Justicia Divina wrote: ‘Tony Castro’s son is displaying posts that aren’t precisely historic but are luxurious. The people are stuck in slavery and hunger’

The posts were met with backlash, with one Twitter user, Juan Gallardo, saying Cuba’s current president Miguel Diaz-Canel is standing there like a ‘mannequin’ while people ‘are suffering from repression, hunger, lies, humiliations and miseries.’

He adds: ‘Who is paying for all of Tony Castro’s… luxuries, riches and comfort?’ 

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘I’m sure the struggling citizens of Cuba just love this…’ 

According to the Miami Herald, Pedro Pérez used a quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm when he wrote on Facebook: ‘All the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’

Animal Farm, a satire of Stalinism which condemned totalitarian practices and presented Stalin as a traitor of the Russian Revolution, is banned in Cuba. 

Justicia Divina wrote on Twitter: ‘Tony Castro’s son is displaying posts that aren’t precisely historic but are luxurious. The people are stuck in slavery and hunger.’ 

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