Ex-HMS Prince Of Wales skipper sunk by sexual misconduct allegations
28th September 2022

Ex-skipper of HMS Prince Of Wales is sunk by sexual misconduct allegations: Navy Captain is sacked from role on £3.2bn aircraft carrier after MeToo claims

  • Captain Steve Higham was commander of the £3.2 billion HMS Prince of Wales 
  • After leaving the aircraft carrier in May, several allegations against him emerged
  • He was accused of inappropriate ‘mentoring sessions’ with female colleagues  

The former captain of the country’s newest aircraft carrier has been sacked following comments he allegedly made to female colleagues.

A months-long investigation into Captain Steve Higham unveiled a string of complaints against the naval officer.

Once an aide to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Capt Higham was placed in command of the £3.2 billion HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier.

The captain was accused of holding ‘mentoring sessions’ with female sailors which they felt were inappropriate.

Capt Higham handed over command of HMS Prince of Wales in May and looked set to be promoted to rear admiral, but was hit with an investigation after an anonymous whistleblower came forward.

Captain Steve Higham has been sacked from the navy following an investigation into his conduct 

The £3.2 billion HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier is Britain’s most expensive ever ship

A source in the British Navy told The Sun there was: ‘Sufficient evidence to suggest his actions were inappropriate and his conduct was not compatible with continued Navy service.

The source added: ‘The reason it took so long to investigate is that a number of people highlighted they had had inappropriate interactions that were not compliant with the military and the Royal Navy’s ethics.

‘It is not illegal to have a relationship with someone in your workplace, but it is inappropriate in the Navy.’

Capt Higham has not been handed a court martial as he is not accused of breaking the law.

However, he was given an ‘administrative dismissal’ by Navy top brass on Monday this week.

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