EVERY adult in Britain will be asked to take Covid tests twice a week to help get UK out of lockdown
22nd March 2021

EVERY adult in Britain will be asked to take Covid tests twice a week to help get the UK out of lockdown.

Testing chiefs will be encouraging the public to get swabbed more often in the hope of identifying people who are positive but don't have any coronavirus symptoms.

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In order to drive down the spread of the virus, Brits will be urged to "play their part" and get regular swab tests, revealed the Times.

It is hoped that areas with rising cases will be quickly identified and tackled by "surge testing" – which will potentially eliminate the need for future lockdowns.  

This comes after many have called for restrictions to be eased following our world-class jab rollout.

The Institute of Economic Affairs yesterday said the success of the vaccine programme meant there was now "a strong case" for bringing forward Boris Johnson's road map dates by four weeks. 

Britain has smashed its Covid daily vaccine record for the third day in a row.

Yesterday saw 844,285 more jabs administered across the UK in 24 hours.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "Yesterday was a record-breaking day for the vaccine rollout, with 844,285 people receiving a jab.

"A huge thank you to everyone involved and please come forward to get your jab when you are invited to do so."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock used the record breaking announcement to encourage Brits to get the jab when it is offered to them.

In a video on Twitter he said: "Yesterday we saw another record day of vaccinations across the UK.

“More than three quarters of a million people coming forward to get the jab.

“If you get the call from the NHS join them –  Go and get your jab, make sure for a second jab that you make that appointment on time, because we know that vaccinations are our way out of this.


“We know that the vaccine protects you and we know that it helps you protect your loved ones and those around you.

“It’s really terrific that the vaccine program is rolling out so effectively and when you get the call, get the jab.”

But there are fresh calls for emergency government powers to extend lockdown restrictions by up to six months – as MPs warn that Britain risks "squandering the advantages of our vaccination programme" by moving too slowly to lift the lockdown.

The government said last night: "We do not want any restrictions to be in place longer than needed, which is why the regulations underpinning the road- map expire at the end of June and must be reviewed at least every 35 days."

Meanwhile, desperate EU bureaucrats tried to block AstraZeneca vaccine exports to Britain last night as the UK told the bloc to “grow up”.

The European Commission said it would ensure a jab facility in the Netherlands would keep the remedies in the EU.

Run by drugs firm Halix, the Leiden-based plant is listed as a supplier of vaccines in both the contracts that AstraZeneca has signed with Britain and the European Union.

An EU official said: “The Brits are insisting that the Halix plant in the Netherlands must deliver the drug substance produced there to them. That doesn’t work.

“What is produced in Halix has to go to the EU.”

Britain has insisted that contracts must be respected and UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told the bloc to "grow up".

This comes as EU member states are set to debate a vaccine export ban to the UK on Thursday.



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