Driver Ignored Barricade on Flooded Road and His 2 Kids Drowned, Now He's Charged with Manslaughter
6th April 2020

As searchers looked for the girl, Willa’s father told KPHO, “I will say one thing: People go around the barricades all the time. I’m not justifying my actions one bit. There could be more done.”

An attorney for the parents was not immediately identified. Reached by KPHO after the charges were filed, Daniel Rawlings told the outlet, “No comment.”

Lacey Rawlings earlier answered those who questioned the parents’ actions by telling the outlet, “We don’t have anything to say to them. Everybody’s a critic, and they’re keyboard warriors. Those people may not have ever gone through something tragic in their life.”

“I hope they never go through something like this and have to learn what it really feels like,” she said.

She added: “The amount of love we’ve been shown, I didn’t know it was possible. We feel it. We feel the arms wrapped around us, we feel all the prayers, we feel it all. I’m extremely grateful.”

Johnson said the parents had not been arrested or booked on the charges.

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