Donald Trump 'Rattled' As Robert Mueller Will Expose 'Crimes And Lies' Of Ex-Campaign Boss On Friday: NBC Newss
4th December 2018

Donald Trump unleashed a new series of tweets about the Robert Mueller investigation as Mueller prepared to make dramatic new revelations this week.

Donald Trump “seems rattled” by the latest moves by Robert Mueller in the Russia collusion investigation, according to a report by NBC News on Monday, and Trump’s mood is likely to get worse this week as Mueller prepares to unleash a series of potentially devastating revelations — including a court filing scheduled for Friday that will include details about “crimes and lies” by Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign chief Paul Manafort.

Mueller will also file documents in two other cases involving former close associates of Trump who have pleaded guilty to crimes in connection with the Russia investigation — Trump’s original national security adviser Michael Flynn and his former, longtime personal lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen, according to NBC, which reported that the new Mueller documents will contain new revelations about “bad acts” committed by Flynn and Cohen, but for which they have not been criminally charged.

Trump unleashed a series of Twitter posts attacking the Mueller investigation on Monday morning, including one accusing Mueller himself of being “a much different man than people think,” just five days after a source close to Trump revealed to CNN that Trump is “spooked” and “completely distracted” by the new, and fast-moving events in the Mueller Russia probe, as the Inquisitr reported.

The Manafort filing on Friday will be “the main event” of the week’s Russia investigation developments, according to a CNN analysis. Manafort, according to Mueller, broke a cooperation agreement by lying to Mueller’s investigators after he had agreed to provide information to the investigation in exchange for a plea bargain.

“We know that Mueller knows Manafort lied, and we know that Mueller will prove those lies to the court ‘in detail’ in his filing this week,” wrote CNN legal analyst Elie Honig.

“We soon should know who Manafort tried to protect, what crimes those people committed with Manafort (or to Manafort’s knowledge), and what proof Mueller has of those crimes.”

Whether one of the people “Manafort tried to protect” was Trump remains unclear but is expected to be revealed in Mueller’s Friday filing. And while it is not yet clear whether the Cohen documents will be placed under seal, the Manafort revelations will be public, according to Peter Carr, a spokesperson for Mueller, in an interview with Yahoo! News — though Carr added that some portions of the document may be blacked out for national security reasons.

NBC News also reported Monday that the Flynn document due to be filed by Mueller on Tuesday will also be public.

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